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Grow your wealth with Fixed Deposits

Earn 7% on Fixed Deposits. Get upto 80% Overdraft on your Fixed Deposit.

Industry-leading interest rates for NRIs

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Get an FD in 5 minutes

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Diversify your portfolio and get up to 7% p.a.

Why invest in Fixed Deposits

You’re losing money leaving your cash in a savings account.

Earn high interest on fixed deposits, more than any savings account. Backed by India’s leading banks. Peace of mind + high returns.

Your money is safe

Fixed Deposits backed by RBI-authorized banks.

Fixed Deposits are amongst the safest financial investments you can make.

Overdraft on Fixed Deposits

Don’t let a short term emergency derail your long term financial plans. North Loop offers loans against your Fixed Deposits, up to 80% and at the lowest rates in the market.

Get up to 80% Overdraft on FDs

Minimal, transparent fees

5 minute process

Funds in your account within 24 hours

How to invest in a Fixed Deposit

Investing in Fixed Deposits with North Loop takes 5 minutes.

ll you need to do is create an account, enter the amount and tenure, and you’re set! We’ll issue you a Fixed Deposit in 24 hours, and you can start earning interest from Day 1!

Manage all your investments

Use North Loop to manage all your global investments, from Fixed Deposits to mutual funds to stocks. Get loans, personal financial advice and more. A global financial hub, in one simple app.

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