North Loop Money Transfer | Get up to $500 refunded with FX Insurance

Currency Protect

Peace of mind with international money transfers

North Loop helps families protect themselves against currency fluctuations. Up to 5 business days after you send an international wire, we’ll check for currency price changes. If there is a change, we’ll refund you the amount you could have saved!

All North Loop Premium members get free access to CurrencyProtect, our unique currency insurance program.

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Here’s How It Works


You send money to The US on Monday

Your currency becomes cheaper on Wednesday.

Now you regret sending it as you could’ve saved money!

We’ll refund you the difference on the transfer!

It’s that simple !

We remove the stress of transferring money around the world. North Loop provides 100% free incoming wire transfers for all users. Unlimited incoming wire transfers, all for $0.


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“Using CurrencyProtect means I no longer worry about FX rates and when is the best day to send money to my daughter. I know I’m covered and get refunded!”

Sanjeev Verma