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14 Apr 2020

How to open US bank Account Without SSN

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How to open US bank account without SSN

If you’ve just arrived in the US, you may notice that you need a Social Security Number (SSN) for nearly everything! From applying for housing, getting credit cards, renting a car to opening a bank account, SSN is part of everyday American life. One of the first things you will open when you are in the US is a bank account, and below we will look at how to open US bank account without SSN - with the rise of companies such as North Loop

What is SSN?

Social Security Number (or SSN as it is commonly known) was first introduced in the US in 1935. It is a 10 digit number assigned to you to help financial companies and other service providers identify you. This code is unique to you, and the ‘ID’ for your identity in the US - so don’t lose it, misplace it and even more importantly - don’t give it to anyone! It is the core number that will identify you for nearly every service in the US.

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Is SSN required for bank account?

So if you need it for everything, you must be wondering if SSN is required for bank account? The simple answer is in most cases, yes. The majority of banks in the US require a SSN to open an account. There are some banks that don’t require a SSN to open a bank account, but they may give you a temporary account till you get a SSN. If you’ve just arrived in the US (or will be going to the US soon), your best option is to use a service such as North Loop, which provides accounts to international students who don’t have a SSN. 90% of the time it is nearly impossible to get a US bank account no SSN. This is particularly true if you’re in a small town or city that is largely filled with local credit unions.

Open US bank account online without SSN

In 2020, when nearly everything is digital, it sometimes feels impossible to open a US bank account online without SSN. This is largely true - even if your local bank accepts you without a SSN, you will still have to go to the branch to open your account. This can be painful - you will need to make an appointment, or then take time out from your day to go get the account opened. However, you can save yourself this trouble by using North Loop - you can open US bank account online without ssn in less than 5 minutes (if you are an international student). You’ll get a virtual bank account without ssn and a physical Mastercard debit card so you can spend anywhere.

Bank account no SSN - Try North Loop

North Loop provides you with a no ssn bank account - and you can apply online in 5 minutes. If you’re an international student with no ssn, you can get a bank account no ssn from North Loop quickly - and before you come to the US! The account is completely free - no fees, no minimums. Sign up here.

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