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15 Sep 2020

RBL Credit Card Review

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About RBL Credit Cards –

RBL credit cards offer several benefits such as reward points with every purchase and milestone bonuses. You can also get attractive offers and discounts at partner stores using an RBL bank credit card.

Top varieties of RBL Bank credit cards –

RBL Platinum Maxima Credit Card - You can get this card if your minimum income is Rs.45000 per month. It is best suited for rewards and movies and has an annual fee of Rs.2000. You also get a welcome benefit of 8000 reward points if you use the card within the first 30 days and after payment of its annual fee.

RBL Bank Icon Credit Card – You can get this RBL bank credit card if you have a minimum income of Rs.25000 per month. It has an annual fee of Rs.5000 and is again best suited for rewards and movies. The welcome benefit available is 20000 bonus reward points.

RBL Bank Popcorn Credit Card – You can get this RBL credit card if your monthly minimum income is Rs.25000. It is best suited for movies, cashback and has an annual fee of Rs.1000. The key feature of this card is that you get two movie tickets every month from BookMyShow.

RBL Shoprite Credit Card – If you love shopping, the RBL Shoprite Credit Card is the best choice for you. To get it you need to have a minimum monthly income of Rs.25000 and pay an annual fee of Rs.500. The key feature of this RBL credit card is that you get 10% off on movie tickets around 15 times a year.

RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card – As the name suggests, this card is best suited if you love to travel. It offers a zero foreign exchange mark-up fee on international expenses and also multiple domestic as well as international lounge access. The annual fee of this RBL bank credit card is Rs.3000, and the minimum eligible income is Rs.25000 per month.

RBL Platinum Delight Credit Card – This RBL credit card offers a welcome benefit of 4000 Bonus Reward Points and has an annual fee of Rs.1000.

RBL Titanium Delight Credit Card – This RBL credit card offers one reward point per Rs.100 spent on travel, groceries, dining and electricity bill payment. It has an annual fee of Rs.750 and gives a 2000 Bonus reward point welcome benefit.

RBL Monthly Treats Credit Card – This has a monthly fee of Rs.50 and offers 10% cashback on groceries, movies and other such expenses.

RBL Insignia Preferred World Credit Card – This is a premium RBL bank credit card that gives multiple benefits on hotel services, concierge services, dining offers, and lounge access.

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Eligibility Criteria for RBL Bank Credit Card –

Credit score: 750

Occupation: Salaried or Self Employed

Documents Required –

To apply for an RBL credit card, you have to submit several documents such as your PAN card, Aadhar card, latest salary slips, Form 16, bank statements of the last three months, and more.

How to track RBL credit card status?

To know your RBL credit card status, you should visit the RBL credit card application status page on its website and enter your application reference number and registered contact details. On clicking submit, you can find your RBL bank credit card status which can be any of the following – In Process, Dispatched, On-Hold, Disapproved or No Records Found. In case you are unable to do so online, you can even contact their customer care to know about your RBL bank credit card status.

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