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22 Sep 2019

7 Books to Read if You Want to Get Rich

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Many of us spend a lot of our free time wondering how the rich became rich and why we were not so fortunate. Is there some sort of secret to success? Is it something these people were born with that we’re lacking? How did these millionaires and billionaires grow their ideas into the empires they are today? If you’re interested in learning more about the psychology behind ‘becoming rich’ and learning some of the strategies, techniques, and mindset you should employ to help you get closer to where you’d like to be financially, here are some books that can help set you on the right path and provide you with the tools you’ll need to achieve success.

How Rich People Think, Steve Siebold

The author of this book spent 30 years interviewing 1,000 millionaires and billionaires, in the hopes of discovering what set them apart from the average person. He sought to learn about what catalyzed their success, how they started their journey, what their principles are, and how they live their lives in an effort to help others follow this path towards success. Based on his findings, he crafted this book that outlines the beliefs, philosophies, and strategies of the rich to help give the average person a chance at becoming wealthy.

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You’re So Money: Live Rich, Even When You’re Not, Farnoosh Torabi

In this book, Torabi outlines ways for middle class individuals to save money in different aspects of their lives. This is a great book for the younger generation of workers, who may not have the best spending or saving habits, as they are still learning their patterns and may not be as focused on the bigger picture. This book introduces financial concepts in a fun, witty way, helping people learn how to better handle their finances on their path towards becoming rich. Farnoosh suggests that splurging every now and then is okay, when it makes sense. This helps people understand how they can live happy and fulfilling lives, while still saving money, showing that saving does not have to be a negative experience that takes away from your enjoyment.

The Science of Getting Rich (A Thrifty Book), Wallace Wattle

The author of “The Science of” trilogy brings us this book that discusses the idea of bringing about personal wealth through positive thinking. Negative thinking doesn’t allow room for positive outcomes. Wattle suggests that you can create wealth by changing your thinking towards a mindset that will attract wealth. According to this theory, you can apply the laws of attraction to attaining personal wealth.

The Millionaire Fastlane, MJ DeMarco

This book teaches you that in order to become rich, you need to give up mediocrity. You need to let go of the traditional financial ideas that have been instilled in you because they set you up for an average life, one where all you do is hope for a better and brighter future. This book discusses why playing it safe will never allow you to get rich, why most entrepreneurs fail, the mathematics of wealth and how the average person can attain it, and so much more. It gets you out of the slow lane of life and helps set you on the trajectory towards a successful, wealthy future.

Screw It, Let’s Do It: Lessons in Life, Richard Branson

Get your information directly from the horse’s mouth. Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson discusses his journey towards wealth and success, sharing some tips and lessons that can help you become successful too. He shares some of the highs and lows, as well as what they taught him and he even helps outline some common pitfalls that you can avoid. One of the great advantages of this book is that the story is coming directly from the person who did the work and is a living example of how to become rich.

The Automatic Billionaire, David Bach

David Back takes an interesting approach to becoming rich. In this book, he explains that you can’t get rich while living on a budget. It follows the story of an average American couple who made a very average income, yet still managed to somehow live richly, putting their two children through school, owning two homes, and living comfortably. If you’re wondering how this is possible, Bach discusses the importance of having a well laid out plan and even provides resources such as phone numbers, websites, and other necessary elements to get you started on your road to becoming wealthy fast.

Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill

This book was written during the time of the Great Depression by a former adviser of President Franklin Roosevelt. Author Napoleon Hill interviews over 500 successful individuals, hoping to learn the secret to their financial success. He theorizes that becoming rich begins with the power of your thoughts before actual action. This book creates a guide to success that he boasts will never fail. One thing many of these authors can agree upon is that becoming rich takes hard work, determination, and passion. If you’re looking for some guidance and ready to put in the effort and sleepless nights it may take, you, like many others before you can become rich.

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