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16 Nov 2020

ADCB Review - Credit Cards

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About ADCB -

ADCB got established in 1985 as a premier Islamic bank offering retail and commercial financial services. Today, it is one of the biggest public sector banks in the UAE, with its headquarters in Abu Dhabi. ADCB offers various retail and commercial financial services like loans, retail estate management services, credit cards, deposits etc. Currently, the bank is part of a merger between ADCB, UNB and Al Hilal Bank and has a wide network of branches serving over 1 million customers. The bank is also one of the highest employers with more than 5000 employees. It is also one of the largest public sector banks in the United Arab Emirates.

Types of ADCB credit cards -

ADCB offers a wide range of conventional and Islamic credit cards that come with exclusive benefits and privileges. Some of the ADCB credit cards are as follows -

Etihad Guest Miles credit cards -

ADCB Etihad Guest Infinite credit card
ADCB Etihad Guest Signature credit card
ADCB Etihad Guest Platinum credit card

TouchPoints credit cards -

ADCB TouchPoints Infinite credit card
ADCB TouchPoints Platinum credit card
ADCB TouchPoints Titanium/ Gold credit card

Travel Discounts credit card -

ADCB Traveller credit card

LuLuPoints credit card -

ADCB LuLu Platinum credit card
ADCB LuLu Titanium credit card

UAE Nationals credit card -

ADCB Betaqti credit card

Islamic credit cards -

ADCB Islamic Classic credit card
ADCB Islamic Gold credit card
ADCB Islamic Platinum credit card
ADCB Islamic TouchPoints Infinite credit card
ADCB Islamic TouchPoints Platinum credit card
ADCB Islamic TouchPoints Titanium/ Gold credit card
ADCB Islamic Etihad Guest Infinite credit card
ADCB Islamic Etihad Guest Signature credit card
ADCB Islamic Etihad Guest Platinum credit card

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Features and benefits of ADCB credit cards-

The benefits and features offered by ADCB credit cards are as follows:

You can use your credit card at luxurious airport lounges across various locations. The ADCB Credit Card also allows you to share this privilege with a guest.

Most of the ADCB credit cards are free for life. That means you don't have to worry about any fees or charges with regards to these credit cards.

Instalment plans - ADCB credit cards come with an easy instalment feature. That gives you the ability to pay monthly instalments for any high-value transactions at participating merchants at 0% interest for tenors of up to 24 months.

ADCB cards provide complimentary access to some of the best golf courses in the UAE. But that usually requires spending a minimum amount per month. With the UAE being home to some of the best golf courses in the world, this feature becomes favourable for most cardholders.

ADCB credit cards provide an insurance policy called Credit Shield. This policy gets covered by Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company and includes unforeseen events like involuntary loss of employment, permanent disability, critical illness or even death.

With ADCB credit cards, you can make payments of your outstanding amounts through personal banking, mobile banking and cash deposit facilities. You can also set auto-debit instructions to pay the credit card bill using your ADCB savings or current account. As a member of ADCB credit card, you can also make payments at ENOC/EPPKO, UAE Exchange Al Ansari Exchange or LuLu Exchange branches. However, for credit card bill payments made through partner payment locations, a fee of AED 5 per transaction gets charged.

ADCB also offers several travel credit cards that come with travel and benefits and privileges. You can enjoy complimentary include discounted car rentals and complimentary travel insurance.

ADCB credit cards eligibility requirements -

The factors that determine whether you are eligible for ADCB credit cards are -

Age - You should be in the age group of 21 years to 65 years

Monthly income - You should have a steady mouthy income to apply for an ADCB Credit Card and also provide proof for the same.

Residence - A valid residence proof is also required to fulfil ADCB Credit Card eligibility requirements.

Credit history - Having a good credit score is a key factor that you should consider while applying for an ADCB credit card.

Documents required -

The documents required for getting ADCB credit cards are as follows -

Residence Visa (for expats)
Emirates ID
Salary certificate
Bank statements for the last three months
Trade license(for self-employed professionals)

ADCB Credit Card fees-

Annual Membership - It varies from card to card

Late payment fee - AED 50
Overtime fee - AED 75
Card replacement fee -AED 75


Although ADCB is a reputed bank in the UAE, the customer feedback on many trusted platforms is mostly negative as many customers have complained about its high fees. Some have also mentioned the non-cooperation of its credit card support facilities.

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