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09 Nov 2020

ADCB Review

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Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSC or ADCB is one of the biggest public sector banks in the United Arab Emirates, with headquarters in Abu Dhabi. ADCB was established in 1985 as one of the premier Islamic Banks, offering various retail and commercial financial services ranging from finance (loans), real estate management services, credit cards, deposits, etc.
As of 2019, the bank is a part of a three-way merger between ADCB, UNB (Union National Bank), and Al Hilal Bank. The bank has over 5000 employees, with a wide network of 55 branches and over 425 ATMs, serving over 1 million customers since inception.

ADCB Savings Accounts-

ADCB Active Saver Account- This choice of savings account is recommended for the masses, helping individuals/ families save money to achieve various goals. Customers can open up to 5 different accounts to meet different goals and each account accrues an interest rate of up to 1.40% per annum on AED accounts and up to 1% on USD accounts.
The Active Savings account has no minimum balance requirement or monthly fees deducted, allowing more room for savings. However, an initial deposit of AED 1000 has to be met while opening the account.
An active saver account can be opened within just a couple of minutes online, with minimal documentation and this account facilitates all utility bill payments and fund transfers without any hassle.

Eligibility criteria for ADCB Active Saver Account-

  • UAE nationals and residents with valid visa only

  • Must be 21 years old or above

  • To open an Active Saver account you should first have an ADCB Current or Savings Account

  • An Active Saver account cannot be opened as a joint account or for a minor

ADCB Savings and Call Accounts- This account is meant for residents employed in the UAE, earning a minimum of AED 5000 per month. This account attracts an interest rate of 0.2% per annum and levies no fees for E-statements within the statement cycle. The Bank offers a debit card for the savings account and one of the main advantages of this account is that even nor-resident of the UAE can open an account.

Documents required to open ADCB Savings and Call Accounts-

UAE residents-

  • An original passport with UAE residence visa (valid for more than 30 days)

  • Your original Emirates ID

  • A salary certificate

Non-residents -

  • A copy of a visit visa and entry stamp page or e-gate card.

  • A three-month stamped bank statement of your existing bank account.

  • A letter of introduction from an existing ADCB customer with a relationship of more than a year.

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ADCB Bank Credit Cards-

Two of the most popular credit cards offered by ADCB Bank are-

Betaqti Credit Card- This is a card exclusive to Emiratis, offering various lifestyle and travel benefits such as 1 +1 on movie tickets at Vox Cinemas, complimentary access to all Gold’s Gym clubs, 1000+ airport lounge access, and 300,000 touchpoints as a welcome bonus.

ADCB Traveller Credit Card- This is a card recommended to travelers, offering discounts on flights, hotels, and a whole lot more. This card has an annual fee of AED 1050, a 3.25% monthly finance charge, and a 0% Foreign currency fee.

ADCB Business-

In the commercial space, ADCB caters to small, medium, and large size corporations, offering lending facilities, liquidity management, trade finance services, cash management, investment banking, etc. Overall, ADCB is a one-stop-shop for all business-related banking needs, and being a reputed public sector bank, ADCB is a popular choice for many corporations.

ADCB Customer Reviews-

Although ADCB is a reputed bank in the UAE, the customer feedback on many trusted platforms are mostly negative. The customer service provided by the Bank mostly attributes to the negative reviews and some customers also have complained that the charges of the bank are relatively higher than other banks.

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