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15 Apr 2020

Xoom Money Transfer Review: Rates, Experience and More

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Xoom Money Transfer Review

When it comes to sending money abroad, deciding which provider to use can be quite difficult. One way you could send money abroad is using Xoom Money Transfer, owned by Paypal (often called Xoom Paypal). Xoom focuses on sending money from the US to other countries, with limited support for money transfers into the US e.g. from India to US.

History of Xoom Paypal

Xoom history: Xoom was founded by Kevin Hartz in 2001, and acquired by Payapl in 2015, becoming Xoom Paypal. Xoom’s current CEO is John Kunze.
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History of Xoom Paypal

Xoom history: Xoom was founded by Kevin Hartz in 2001, and acquired by Payapl in 2015, becoming Xoom Paypal. Xoom’s current CEO is John Kunze.

Xoom Rate Review

Xoom charges two types of fees: a Service Fee and an Exchange Rate markup. Xoom’s fees are quite complicated to understand, as there are a number of variables - including the amount, type of payout, and type of funding. Once you figure this out, you will then need to understand the markup that Xoom charges.
For example, if you want to send $1,000 using a debit card - Xoom charges $30.49.
Our overall review for Xoom’s rates is poor - xoom charges a lot of fees and they are complicated to understand. You can get better rates elsewhere (such as at North Loop) with more transparent pricing.
We have a more in-depth Xoom Fees Overview here.

How to send money using Xoom

You can use a variety of ways to send money via Xoom:
  1. Go to the website and send money
  2. Download the Xoom app and send money
  3. Go to a physical location (such as Walmart) to send money

If you’re using the website, here is the process:
  1. Go to xoom.com
  2. Click on xoom login (if you have an account). If you don’t sign up for an account
  3. Enter the amount you want to send, as well as the receiving currency e.g. INR
  4. Enter your recipient’s details (bank account number, etc)
  5. Choose a method of payment e.g. debit card, ACH transfer
  6. Review the fees and delivery estimate
  7. Confirm and pay

Xoom Money Transfer Overview

  • Xoom can send money to a recipient’s bank account, or delivered to their home or the recipient can pick up the cash at a local agent
  • You can send money to over 100 countries via Xoom
  • Xoom has a fairly complicated fee structure that is difficult to understand
  • Xoom remittance rate includes a markup and fee

Xoom App Review

The Xoom app can be downloaded on the Google Playstore or on Apple’s App Store. It is free to download and sign up, and has the same flow as the website to use.

Can we send money from India to USA through Xoom?

Unfortunately not. If you’re looking to send money from India to USA through Xoom, that is currently not possible. Instead, you can use a service such as North Loop to send money from India to USA.

Xoom Customer Care

Xoom has customer care in English and Spanish, and you can contact them by phone 24/7. Xoom customer care is also available via email. One thing the customer care cannot do is explain Xoom’s fairly complex fee structure - you can only figure this out by playing around with the options on Xoom’s website.

Which countries can I send money to with Xoom?

You can send money to over 100 countries with Xoom. Here are a few of them:
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom

Xoom money transfer speed

There are a variety of factors that determine your Xoom money transfer speed. These factors include which currency you're sending to, how much money you’re sending (large transfers will take longer to process) and how you pay for the transfer. Xoom’s multiple payout options also have different delivery times.

While Xoom advertises that most of their transfers are received in minutes, the reality is that most transfers will take at least a few days.

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