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04 Nov 2020

Renew Indian Passport in UAE

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Introduction -

If you want to know about how to renew Indian passport in UAE, this article will help you in understanding the entire process of renewal as well as the cost and time involved in doing so.

Before we begin, let us throw some light upon BLS International Services Centre. That is the passport services agency that handles Indian passport renewal applications in the UAE. However, when you apply to BLS International Services Centre, you should be aware that the acceptance or rejection of the application gets done by the Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi or the Consulate General of India. Let us now look at the steps involved in the renewal of Indian passport in the UAE.

Steps involved in the renewal of Indian passport in the UAE -

Visit the nearest BLS Centre with the required documents - The first step is to visit a BLS Centre with your current original passport and Emirates ID to renew Indian passport in UAE.

Arrange all documents required for Indian passport renewal in UAE - The primary documents needed for Indian passport renewal in UAE are your passport and valid Emirate ID proof. However, these documents get required only if you are applying for the renewal of an Indian passport with a valid UAE residence visa, and no corrections or amendments have to get made. You might also have to arrange additional documents in certain circumstances, especially if your UAE residence visa has expired. This list is usually accessible on the official BLS Centre website. Some extra paperwork is also required if you have a UAE residence visa issued in Abu Dhabi but are applying at BLS Centres in Dubai or the Northern Emirates and vice versa. You can submit a tenancy contract or a letter from the company you are working in as proof of your residency in the emirate.

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Documents required for Indian passport renewal in UAE for minors -

Current original passport of the applicant
Valid Emirates ID of the applicant
Current original passports of both parents
Emirates ID of both parents

The process to renew Indian passport in UAE at BLS Centres -

You can visit the BLS Centre without taking a prior appointment and collect a token number for your turn. Once your turn comes, you can submit all your documents along with the filled-in renewal application form. You also have to sign the application form in the presence of the officer-in-charge at the BLS centre.

You can also speed up the application process to renew your Indian passport in Dubai or Abu Dhabi using the Premium Lounge service by BLS Centre. That can help you avoid the long queues and is a safer option in the current times. Using this service, you can schedule an appointment online through the Centre’s website, submit your application faster and also enjoy pre-screening of your documents in a dedicated lounge area. However, the Premium Lounge service comes with an additional charge of AED 236 per applicant. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that even though this service allows quicker submission of your application, it in no way guarantees a fast processing time of your passport renewal.

Another method by which you can renew your Indian passport in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is by opting for the express service. In the express service category, the minimum processing time for Indian passport renewal is two working days, and the renewed passport can get received via a courier service. You can also track the renewal status through the BLS Centre UAE website.

Renewal fees -

For normal renewal services, the costs for Indian passport holders are as follows -

Adults (36-page booklet): AED 406
Adults (60-page booklet): AED 501
Minors: AED 316

For express renewal services, the costs are as follows -

Adults (36-page booklet): AED 971
Adults (60-page booklet): AED 1071
Minors: AED 886

Before we end, we would also like to mention about the new operating procedure that has taken effect from August 2020, wherein according to the Consul General of India in Dubai, the passport renewal forms will get processed on the same day as it gets received. However, applications that require special approvals like police verification or any other clearance from India can take longer. Also, the Gulf News recently reported that the Indian Consulate in Dubai can now accept passport applications from expatriates living across the UAE.

We hope this article helped you in understanding the process of Indian passport renewal in UAE.

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