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18 Apr 2020

Remit2India Money Transfer Review: Exchange Rates, Process and More

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Remit2India Money Transfer Review

Remit2India was started in 2001, and is now part of the Finablr/UAE Exchange family of companies. The focus of the company is to provide remittances services to India from around the world. While there are several routes you can choose from, you should understand the various restrictions on the services. If you find that Remit2India doesn’t meet your needs, or is too expensive, you can try other providers such as North Loop. Here’s everything you need to know about sending international transfers via Remit2India.
Note: as of April 20th, Remit2India isn't accepting new transfers. Use North Loop instead.

Remit2India Rate Review - What is Remit2India exchange rate

If you’re looking to send money from the USA to India, the USD to INR remit2india rate is higher than other providers (such as North Loop). There is limited transparency about the fees until you reach the final step and confirm - that's when you see how much you’ll be paying in total fees. Here’s a breakdown of Remit2India’s fees:
ServiceRemit2India FeeNorth Loop Fee
TransferRanges from $2.99 to 0.9%No fee
Minimum Amount$50$1
Exchange RateRemit2India constantly changes their rates. Here’s some info from Remit2India’s terms and conditions:
'You acknowledge and agree that Remitting Bank and/or UAE Exchange designated Service Providers
involved in processing a Remittance Payment may charge a currency conversion fee for converting the
foreign currency like AUD payment to the local currency of the Recipient. The fee for this currency
conversion may vary.'
Transparent, low rates
Other Fees/
Receiving Fees
There may be additional fees, which you won't know about till you see it has been deducted from the recipient's
total amount. Here’s the small print in the terms and conditions: “Regardless of the currency transferred, the
actual amount that the Beneficiary receives may be reduced by charges imposed UAE Exchange or other
intermediary banks, including a service fee for currency conversion.”
What we say the recipient receives,
is exactly how much the recipient receives

What we don’t like is the lack of transparency and that even after you send the money, Remit2India may charge more fees - so you never know how much the beneficiary will receive - that doesn’t seem right to us! It’s better to use transparent providers such as North Loop .

Similarly, the remit2india exchange rate UK price is also higher than if you use other providers such as North Loop
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How to use Remit2India

How to send money to India using Remit2India:
  1. Go to
  2. If you have an account, click on remit2india login
  3. If you don’t have an account, create one by click on ‘Sign Up’
  4. Enter your details and KYC information
  5. Choose which currency you will be sending from
  6. Select how much you will send
  7. Select your payment method
  8. Review the exchange rate and confirm the transfer
And that’s how to use Remit2India!

Remit2India Money Transfer Overview

  • As of April 20th, isn’t accepting new transfers due to bankruptcy issues
  • Specializes in remittance to India
  • Only serves Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)

Remit2India App Review

Remit2India has an app for money transfer, but it can feel clunky and difficult to use. If you want to use remit2India, their website provides a better experience. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, quick app for money transfer, you can check out North Loop .

Remit2india Customer Care

The only way to contact remit2India customer care is to send an email or fill in a form on their website There is no Remit2India customer care number USA. We found this frustrating as there was no instant chat or phone number to call to discuss any transfer issues - when you’re facing problems with your money, you want an answer as soon as possible.
Unlike a lot of other global companies, they don’t have localized support teams e.g.there is no remit2india Customer Care USA that handles its US customers and remit2india Customer Care Canada that handles its Canadian customers.
On Compare Remit, Remit2India currently has a poor 2.6/5 rating.

Remit2India money transfer speed

How long does it take to transfer money using Remit2India? The remit2India money transfer speed varies depending on the following factors:
  • ACH Transfer - 6 working days
  • Wire Transfer - 2 working days (plus the wire fee your bank charges you)

What’s important to note here is that this delivery time estimate is once Remit2India receives your money a - so the whole process may take a few days longer than outlined above, depending on your bank’s delivery times to send money to Remit2India.
It may make sense to use North Loop that transfers funds almost instantly to India.

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