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20 Apr 2020

The Complete Guide to NRI Investment in India

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Complete Guide to NRI Investment in India

If you’re a non-resident Indian (NRI), you may be looking to invest in India. India offers great returns for investors, and as an NRI you can seamlessly invest in India. Wondering how to? Check out our complete guide to NRI Investment in India

Why Invest in India

India is a fast growing emerging market, providing great returns in one of Asia’s fastest growing economies. With over a billion people and one of the world’s youngest populations, India is set for decades of high growth. Investing in the Indian economy has produced amazing returns for investors, and you can diversify your portfolio by adding Indian investments to it as well.
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Types of NRI Investment in India

There are a wide variety of ways NRIs can invest in India:
  • Savings Accounts - NRI savings account provide high interest rates (up to 7.5%) that are also tax-exempt for NRIs. Therefore, you can safely deposit cash and earn a high interest on those deposits with no tax liabilities.
  • Stocks - you can invest in the Indian stocks and bonds as an NRI through a PIS Account (offered by North Loop). This will allow you to trade on your phone or website just as you do in your country of residence.
  • Mutual Funds - the most common way for people to invest in India is via mutual funds. You can invest in regularly scheduled recurring deposits, thereby achieving your retirement and financial goals while getting fantastic rates of return.
  • Real Estate - India’s booming real estate market is a favorite of NRI investors. Use your NRI bank account to invest in, buy and sell Indian real estate.
  • Fixed Deposit - invest in Indian Fixed Deposits that offer higher returns than US Certificate of Deposits.

If you’re interested, you can open an NRI savings account with North Loop - you’ll get to invest in stocks, mutual funds and get access to industry-leading Fixed Deposits as well.

How to invest in India - NRI Account Benefits

To invest in India, you will need to open an NRI bank account (NRE NRO Accounts). These NRI accounts will provide you with a lot of benefits (read more here). To get an NRI bank account, simply click here and sign up in 5 minutes.
There are many benefits of NRI account:
  • As an NRI, you have to have NRI accounts to invest in Indian stocks and mutual funds.
  • Deposit you earnings from your investments in tax-free NRE Account
  • Easily repatriate earnings to any foregn account from NRE Account
  • Use Your earnings to easily re-invest in India
  • Get personalized advice and recommendations by North Loop advisors.

There are many NRI account benefits, but the most important one may be that without the account you can’t invest in India!

How to open NRI account

Opening an NRI account is now a simple 5 minute process. Whereas with traditional Indian banks, it will take 4-6 weeks and cost a lot of money and hassle. North Loop enables you to open NRI account online anywhere in the world.
Factors that make the best bank for nri account:
  • Fees - most banks in India charge fees for nearly every NRI bank account transaction. North Loop is free.
  • Account opening process -most banks take weeks and are paper-based. North Loop is online, and takes 5 minutes.
  • Access to Products - what products does the bank offer you? Is it a wide variety that gets you what you need?
  • US Bank Account - there is only one NRI service that offers both US and NRI bank accounts - North Loop. It’s the only comprehensive financial hub for NRIs.
  • Mutual Funds and Investment - can you invest in the same app? North Loop lets you bank and invest in the US and Indian mutual funds and stocks.
  • Loans - if you’re abroad, getting a loan can be hard. North Loop lets you get a loan quickly and easily.

The best bank for NRI account is very much dependent on your needs and requirements, though we think you should give North Loop a try.

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