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15 Apr 2020

Send Money to India - Compare Money Transfer Remittance Services

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Send Money to India - Compare Remit India

Sending money abroad can be overwhelming - you have to figure out rates, which company to use, when to send and how to send. Every provider is promising the best rates for you to remit money to India, the best service, the most trusted service etc. But when you’re looking to send money to India - how do you compare money transfer rates to India?
Well, luckily for you - we’ve compiled a method to compare the best money transfer service to India, as well as a comparison.

Compare remit rates to India

The most common way is to compare remit rates to India or the best money transfer rates to India - how much will it cost to send money to India? This is further broken up into 1) how much is the fee and 2) what are the FX mark-ups? To start off with, what are the fees that the will company charge - there is no such thing as a completely free transfer! Some companies have difficult to understand fee structures, so you never truly understand how much you need to pay until you actually pay the fee. When money transfer companies advertise an exchange rate, such as USD to INR - how high is the FX mark-up? You can check this by Googling the rate - the rate Google provides is called the mid-market rate which is the best rate to transfer money to India.
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Compare Remit to India

Here are some of the most popular providers or the best money transfer rates to India compared to each other so you can compare remit to India for your needs:
Winner: Best Rates2nd Best Rates3rd Best Rates4th Best Rates
Money Transfer ServiceNorth LoopTransferwiseRemitlyXoom
Upfront FeesNone ($0)Varies depending on
payment method
$3.99 for less than $1,000 transferVaries depending on payment
method, can go beyond $30!
FX RateMid-market RateMid-market RateFX MarkupFX Markup
Payment MethodsStraight from AccountDebit Card, Bank TransferDebit Card, Bank Transfer, Cash BranchesDebit Card, Bank Transfer,
Cash Branches
Payout OptionsTo any bank account in IndiaBank AccountsBank AccountsBank Accounts, Local Agents
Example of sending $500 to India
USD to INR rate
(as of April 15th, 2020)
How much INR
you get for $500

So what’s the best remittance service to India?

Once you compare money transfer rates to India as shown above, you can understand that North Loop provides the best money transfer service to India. Your preferences may mean you choose another provider, based on your comfort or other factors. However, remember that North Loop also provides NRI accounts, US bank accounts, and a variety of other products such as credit cards.

What impacts remittance companies in India and their rates?

The impact on the Indian exchange rate is largely out of the hands of remittance companies in India - global economic factors impact how both the dollar and the Indian rupee are performing. That’s why North Loop offers CurrencyProtect - an effective way for you to be insured by getting the best rate to transfer money to India for one week so you can get refunded whatever you could have gotten on a day with the best remittance rate to India.

Instant Rupee Accounts

You may also want to consider Instant Rupee Accounts - these are multi-currency accounts that let you get rupees into your wallet or linked to your debit card immediately. You can buy rupees before a trip to India, and load your debit card with it - so you can spend money easily when you’re in India.

Compare Remit - Use North Loop

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