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23 Sep 2020

Zerodha Calculator

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Trading of securities is one of the hottest ways to make a quick buck, involving just a smartphone, a stable internet connection, and sufficient funds in the till. Trading is one of the most sought after ways to create a secondary stream of income, providing good financial stability to working-class individuals, provided it is done the right way.

The boom in the financial sector pertaining to trading of securities has helped set a lot of stock brokerage firms across the world in motion, with commissions levied getting cheaper by the day.India has a wide range of firms providing trading platforms for potential traders, helping them become financially sound.

Stock Brokerage scenario in India-

Ever since the large-cap stocks belonging to NIFTY and SENSEX started booming, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) started seeing a sky-rocketing influx of traders. This was even more so with the introduction of online trading platforms offering convenience to users to buy/ sell securities from the comfort of their homes. Many trading platforms started popping up, in an attempt to capitalize on the soaring demand of traders aspiring to profit off of succeeding companies (a typical win-win situation as companies could raise more money to expand even further).Some of the most successful trading platforms in India are Zerodha, Upstox, Sharekhan, Angel Broking, 5 paisa, Motilal Oswal, etc.Some levy charges on a per-trade basis, while some operate on a monthly subscription basis, offering unlimited trades for a fee.

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Zerodha- Background and Overview-

Zerodha is an online trading platform that was established by 2 zealous entrepreneurs- Nikhil Kamath and Nithin Kamath. They started the company with an objective to provide the perfect concoction of technology, customer support, and convenience. It is fairly seamless to register with Zerodha (indirectly registering with the Securities and Exchange Board of India), with minimal documentation and relatively low charges.

Zerodha has been regarded as one of the best trading platforms in India over several occasions and has a very strong clientele of over 3 million. The company is based out of the IT hub Bengaluru and the trades taking place on their platform contribute to over 15% of all-Indian retail trading volumes.

Opening a trading account with Zerodha is very light on the pocket, with an equity trading account costing just Rs. 200 and a commodity trading account costing just Rs. 100. Zerodha charges just Rs. 20 or 0.03% on intraday equity transactions and charges absolutely nothing on equity delivery transactions.

Zerodha offers multiple facets of applications in the trading space, such as-

  • Kite- Zerodha’s sophisticated trading platform, providing options to trade major kinds of securities, in-depth analytics of each company like the candle-stick charts, etc. Kite is available for web, iOS, and android.

  • Coin- A product of Zerodha that provides investment options in direct mutual funds without any commissions levied. One can decide their risk appetite and take decisions accordingly.

  • Console- A feature-packed dashboard that provides insights on all previous investments, current profit/loss statements as well as total profit/loss statements.

  • Varsity- A byproduct of Zerodha that offers various crash courses and materials to get a newbie up to speed with the stock market. You can also learn about investing on the north loop academy here.

What is Zerodha margins?

In simple words, margin means the money a trader borrows from a stockbroker to execute Futures and Options trades. This can be extremely helpful when one’s money is stuck in a pending order which is neither executed nor canceled. Zerodha, however, does not issue margins for delivery equity trades.

Zerodha Calculators-

Zerodha Brokerage calculator-

Zerodha brokerage calculator can be used to calculate brokerage on Equities (Intra-day equity, Delivery equity, F&O- Futures and Options), Currency (Futures and Options), and Commodities (Futures and options).

Zerodha margin calculator (F&O)-

Zerodha margin calculator can be used to calculate the margins across 3 exchanges- New Fund Offer (NFOs), Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (MCX), and Currency Derivatives Segment (CDS). This can be done across future and option products of all 3 exchanges.

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