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20 Oct 2020

Uber Stock History, Everything you need to know

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Uber- Background and Overview

Uber Technologies, Inc. is one of the biggest companies operating in the transportation space, offering cabs (vehicles) on-demand, food delivery, freight transportation, courier and package delivery, and a whole lot more. The rides on-demand service operates under the name Uber, the food delivery service operates under the name Uber Eats; Uber Freight helps all freight transportation needs and Uber for Business helps all business-related ground transportation needs. Uber was founded in 2009 by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick, with its headquarters in California and the company is now the highest-valued private startup company globally (as of 2019).
Uber has its presence in 63 countries worldwide, having 14 million trips completed per day and employing a workforce of over 22,000 employees around the globe. Uber has a staggering 67% ride-sharing market share while its food delivery market share is 24%. With the incorporation of Uber, the transportation network space is seen to be revolutionized completely.

The introduction of Uber pool, a shared transport service wherein passengers can choose to share their rides with other co-passengers traveling through the same route for a lesser cost, has seen a massive success around the world. Uber pool has been applauded for its initiative to attempt to reduce the carbon footprint to a possible extent and its efforts to make rides more economical and for helping reduce traffic congestions. Uber Technologies has a net worth of $59.1 Billion, as of October 2020.

Uber stock NASDAQ-

Uber kickstarted its IPO in May 2019, but soon after its shares got listed, the share price fell drastically for the remainder of the year as well as early 2020 due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the share prices have since soared 19% year-to-date, moving into the second half of the year. A lot of investors had made the decision to purchase Uber stocks when the price of each share hit the lowest of all lows but have since started making steady profits, shedding light on the slow yet incremental growth of shares.At the time of writing the article, the stock price today of Uber stock NASDAQ- is $34.22. Uber shares fall under the large market capitalization category, exposing investors to a lesser amount of risk. Furthermore, the expansion into the food delivery and freight sectors have managed to keep the current traction intact.

During the second quarter of 2020, Uber’s net adjusted revenue pertaining to its delivery wing increased 162% year-on-year and its logistics wing managed to secure a $500 million funding from a company called Greenbriar, which can be used to fund its expansion further. Many pundits predict that Uber’s operating industries can see a sharp rise in business and demand could reach pre-COVID 19 levels. With the stock’s relative strength lines hitting new highs, Uber stocks are a popular option among laid-back investors.
Uber premarket trade price- Uber opened its premarket with a price of $34.47 at the time of writing this article, seeing a minuscule level of price fluctuations thereafter.

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Uber stock history-

Uber’s stocks history pertaining to Year-To-Date price statistics indicate a minor increase in the price of shares from $30.99 to over $34 today, which can be attributed to the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The share price has since however picked up and stabilized after the sudden drop in price. However, since inception, the price of Uber shares have actually fallen from $41.57 to $34 due to a lot of legal issues in other countries with its presence and due to strong competition from companies such as LYFT and Ola.
Stock split history- Uber Technologies has 0 stock split history so far.

How to Invest in Uber Stocks-

With a stock futures forecast (1-year average price target) of $41.50, Uber stocks are an enticing option for laid-back investors looking for stable returns. With that, it brings us to the next question- How to invest in Uber Stocks?
Uber stocks can be bought from any online stockbroker. It would just require investors to open a trading account with a broker, load funds in the account, and buy shares of your choice.

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