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06 May 2020

Top Performing Mutual Funds in April 2020

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Top Mutual Funds April 2020

Mutual funds’ performance varies due to a lot of factors, from market volatility to larger global macroeconomic conditions. Here are the top mutual funds in India for the month of April 2020.

Top Equity Mutual Funds April 2020

Here are the top performing equity mutual funds in April:
EquityCapsYTD1Year3yrs5yrs10yrsReturn Since LaunchExpense RatioAUM
Axis Bluechip FundLarge-15.07-5.137.767.879.8710.19%1.99%₹ 10,998 Cr
Axis Small Cap FunSmall-18.4-5.561.97.26-16.18%2.23%₹ 1,879 Cr
Motilal Oswal Midcap 30 FundMid-27.92-22.99-8.851.35-11.26%2.10%₹ 1,331 Cr
ICICI Prudential Bluechip FundLarge-22.79-19.12-0.693.959.0810.89%2.05%₹ 18,892 Cr
DSP Equity FundMid-18.64-11.310.815.658.6417.95%2.00%₹ 2,748 Cr
SBI Magnum Multicap FundMulti-22.18-18.68-1.615.078.269.92%1.86%₹ 6,542 Cr

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Top Debt Mutual Funds April 2020

Here are the top performing debt mutual funds in April:
DebtYTD1Year3yrs5yrs10yrsReturn Since LaunchExpenceAUM
Nippon India Gilt Securities Fund5.6416.299.679.929.296.50%1.59%₹ 1,204 Cr
SBI Magnum Medium Duration Fund2.7311.258.168.918.678.08%1.22%₹ 3,276 Cr
Kotak Credit Risk Fund-1.634.745.87.287.90%1.45%₹ 4,798 Cr
ICICI Prudential Ultra Short Term Fund1.577.₹ 6,155 Cr

Why invest in mutual funds

Mutual funds are the most popular method of saving for goals and retirement in India. This is as you get the benefit of long term goal-based investing, but your money is managed by professional managers running large mutual funds. Therefore, even with an investment of just Rs. 500, you will be able to invest in these funds and start saving for your financial goals. Mutual funds also provide a higher return than putting your money into a savings account.

How to invest in mutual funds

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