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22 Oct 2020

Tesla Stock History, Everything you need to know

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Tesla Inc- Background and Overview

Tesla Inc is an American electric automobile manufacturing company based out of California. Tesla was named so by paying homage to American inventor Nikola Tesla and was founded in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. The company initially was formed to design and bring an electric sports car into shape and their business model attracted the attention of investors, with the most noteworthy investment being that of PayPal co-founder Elon Musk, who went on to contribute more than $30 million at the time. Elon Musk was regarded as the chairman and co-founder of Tesla Inc since 2004.
The turning point for Tesla Inc was in 2008, when Tesla released their first completely electric car known as the Roadster, which went on to break many benchmarks in the automobile space and its performance could be compared to that of many gasoline-powered cars.

Tesla went on to manufacture several segment-first electric vehicles since then and the company has since seen absolutely no slowdown in terms of growth.
Tesla, in a bid to expand itself, has branched out into solar energy-based products and Tesla has also built stations known as Superchargers, designed to charge the brand’s electric vehicle batteries at no extra cost. As of 2020, Tesla has employed over 40,000 employees and has a customer base of over 300,000 clients around the world. Tesla has a global presence and it’s a company with one of the largest net worths of over $464 Billion.


Tesla has reported a net income of $864million during 2020, a significant growth as compared to the same period last year, with revenue increasing by 39% year-on-year to $8.8 Billion. The company issued a statement containing a promising product roadmap and long-term plans. The company aims to achieve its goal of delivering 500,000 cars to customers, despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tesla is one of the few stocks on the radar of investors in pursuit of good returns, with the stock growing by over 400% so far this year.

Tesla is one of the only companies that fall under the large market cap bracket. Being one of the biggest companies in its segment, Tesla is a popular option for many casual, risk-averse investors looking for stable returns.

Tesla stock price today is worth $434.43 at the time of writing this article.
Tesla went public in 2010, selling shares during its IPO at a price of $17 per share. An investment of $5000 during Tesla’s IPO would be worth well over $100,000 as of 2020.

Tesla premarket trade price- Tesla opened its premarket with a price of $442 at the time of writing this article, seeing a slight reduction in price thereafter.

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Tesla stock history-

Tesla stocks history, from the perspective of Year-To-Date statistics, has actually grown significantly despite the effect of the pandemic, with the price going up from $86 to $434.43, increasing by over 400%. Over the past 5 years, the stock prices have significantly increased from $41.82 in 2015 to $434 in 2020, seeing a multifold growth.
Stock split history- Tesla Inc has a stock split history of 1-for-5 shares back in August, 2020.

How to Invest in Tesla Stocks-

With a stock futures forecast (1-year average price target) of $578, Tesla stocks are a popular choice among investors betting on blue-chip companies. With that, it brings us to the next question- How to invest in Tesla Stocks?
Tesla stocks can be bought from any online stockbroker. It would just require investors to open a trading account with a broker, load funds in the account, and buy shares of your choice.

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