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08 Dec 2020

PF Form 19 - Everything You Need to Know

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Introduction -

The Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952 require an employee and an employer to make a specific contribution of remuneration to the provident fund account to build a significant corpus for the retirement of the employee. To withdraw this amount, employees get required to fill several forms as an EPFO member. In this article, we will explain what is Form 19 and its use during the final settlement of the PF account.

What is Form 19?

Form 19 is a type of EPF form that gets required during the final settlement of the PF account. It is only applicable to employees who possess their PF account number but do not have a Universal Account Number (UAN). Form 19 gets used to claim a final settlement of the PF account or to avail pension withdrawal benefits.

Along with the Form 19 PF-withdrawal, there are several other forms available for serving different purposes that have to get filled and submitted to the EPFO such as Form 13 that is an offline PF transfer form. All of these, including the Form 19 PF-withdrawal one is available on the EPFO or Employee Provident Fund Organisation Portal and can get accessed using the UAN.

The list of forms for purposes other than PF final settlement-process is as follows -

Form 2 - Declaration and nomination form.
Form 5 - New employees registering for EPF.
Form 10C - Pension withdrawal.
Form 10D - Pension withdrawal application after retirement.
Form 11 - Auto transfer of EPF account.
Form 13 - Offline PF transfer form or form for EPF account transfer
Form 14 - Withdrawal for contribution to LIC policy.
Form 19 - EPF withdrawal.
Form 21 - EPF withdrawal in case of death of a member.
Form 31 - Advances/Withdrawal.
Form 51F - Insurance claim after a member’s demise.

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Who should fill Form 19?

This form is used only for PF final settlement process and for withdrawing the PF amount at the time of retirement or when an employee quits a job. Also, in the case of the latter, the employee can only fill this form if he or she remains unemployed for at least two months after exiting the job. On the other hand, if an employee switches jobs from one organization to another, the PF amount gets transferred from the previous account to the new one.

What are the details to be filled in PF Form 19?

You can take the help of a sample filled PF Form 19 to understand the details that get required for completing the form. Some of those are also listed here -

Provident fund account number
Bank account number and IFSC code
Joining and exit date of employment
PAN details
Form 15G/15H

Some other details that get required include the full postal address, preferred method of remittance (cheque/ money order/bank details) and revenue stamp of Re.1. A blank cancelled cheque also needs to get submitted for bank account verification.

How to do online filing of PF final settlement claims?

If you are about to ask ‘I want to withdraw my PF amount of the previous employer, how do I do it’ or if you have been wondering how to do online filing of PF settlement claims, you need to read the following steps -
Log into the EPFO website with your UAN and enter the password and captcha
After you have logged in, click on ‘Online Services’ and select ‘Claim’.
Enter the last four digits of the bank account number linked with your provident fund account and click on ‘Verify’.
Click on ‘Yes’ for the ‘Certificate of Undertaking’ option.
Select ‘Only PF Withdrawal (Form 19) from the drop-down menu under ‘I want to apply for’ option.
Once a new page opens, click on the ‘Get Aadhar OTP’ option.
Enter the OTP sent to your mobile for verification.

The due PF amount will get deposited to your bank account after the request gets approved by the employer. We hope this provides an answer to your question ‘I want to withdraw my PF amount of previous employer - how to do it’.

If you are thinking how to withdraw pension contribution amount online, you can follow similar steps on the Member e-Sewa portal launched by the EPFO. Now that we have discussed the steps for online filing of PF final settlement claims or how to withdraw pension contribution amount online, let us look at the benefits of PF Form 19 -

Benefits of Form 19 -

The form 19 for provident fund withdrawal can get filled online and hence does not require attestation from the employer. The processing time for the claim is also fast and usually takes up to 5 days from the date of online application. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that for using this form, the Aadhar number should get linked to the UAN.

Overall, Form 19 is easy to fill, and the unified portal provided by the EPFO enables EPF members to withdraw provident fund without any difficulty. The single-page composite form also makes the EPFO service more transparent as well as efficient for the subscribers.

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