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28 Mar 2020

How to set up SIP

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What is SIP

SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans) are extremely popular investment tools as they help increase your savings, reduce your stress from market volatility and can be put on a ‘set-it-forget-it’ strategy. An SIP is a periodic investment into a mutual fund, which you can set up on a weekly, monthly basis. You can set up automatic debits, and let it continue without having to manually do it every month.

Benefits of SIP

Liquidity - SIPs are extremely liquid, so if you have a financial emergency, you can quickly stop and withdraw your investment.

Ease of Use - you can set up automatic SIPs for however much you want, and let your portfolio grow without having to worry about doing transfers etc. Set it up, forget it, and retire comfortably.

Achieving your goals - since you’re investing regularly, SIP users are more likely to achieve their financial goals than those who don’t use SIP.
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How to set up SIP

You can set up an SIP through North Loop in a few easy steps:
  • Create an account with North Loop
  • Choose a fund or goal.
  • Set an amount you want to invest
  • Choose how often (weekly, monthly)
  • You’re done!

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