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28 Mar 2020

How to Invest in Mutual Funds

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How to invest in a mutual fund

So you’ve decided to start investing in mutual funds! Great! But now you must be wondering - how do I get started investing in mutual funds? What are the exact steps to investing a mutual fund? Which mutual fund do I invest in? What should I look for?

Here are some steps that you can take to start investing in mutual funds..

Is now the time to start investing?

When you’re considering to start investing, you may look at the Sensex and wonder if now is the right time. Stocks are low - will they go lower? Stocks are high - will they go higher? Disregard these short term considerations - invest for the long term and you will be rewarded as the stock market has only gone up on aggregate over the past 30 years. So now is the time to start investing - the sooner you start, the more you will have in your savings!
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How to invest in a mutual fund

If you’re wondering how to invest in a mutual fund - the exact process is quite simple. Sign up for a service (such as North Loop), and once your account is created, you can speak to an advisor or start investing directly. The money will come out of your bank account and go to the fund, and within 24 hours you will see the ‘units’ that you have purchased show up in your North Loop app.

Which mutual fund to invest in?

If you’re looking at which mutual fund to invest in, we highly recommend speaking to an advisor who can understand your needs and requirements and advise you on which funds are best for your goals and lifestyle. When you consider which mutual fund, think about why you are investing? Are you looking to save money for a short term goal (buy a car in 3-4 years) or are you looking to save for retirement? How much do you need to save, and what is your risk threshold (how comfortable are you with risk)? Your goals are incredibly important in determining which funds you should invest in.

Diversity and long term investing is key

We recommend two very important strategies: diversification and long term investing. Make sure your portfolio is well diversified across industries, company sizes, debt and equity. And be patient! The markets may crash, but you are investing for the long term and you will be better off if you don’t withdraw with market movements.

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