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02 Sep 2020

How to invest in Facebook stocks online

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About Facebook and it’s services-

Facebook Inc is undoubtedly a pioneer of social media platforms. It was initially established all the way back in 2004 by students of Harvard University as a platform for the university’s students to connect with each other. Eventually, the platform was made available to students across various universities before ultimately going public.
During this phase, anyone and everyone with an internet connection could connect with each other across the globe, provided they were over 13 years old and had a valid email ID.

Fast forward to 2020, Facebook Inc has seen significant multi-fold growth and can easily be deemed as one of the biggest corporations on a global scale. It currently extends more services than it once did, which was just connecting people online. Facebook has seen a hefty growth with the introduction of Marketplace, a facet which can be utilized by users to buy/sell items on Facebook; Jobs- where people can seek and apply for relevant jobs in their city of residence; Business Pages- a facet where people who have established a business can help bring more awareness and traction to their business; Gaming- where users can play games on their smartphone/pc, etc.

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Why should I buy Facebook stock?

With more than 2.7 billion monthly users as of the second quarter of 2020, Facebook is indisputably the biggest social media platform worldwide, worth upwards of $500 billion as of 2020. The rapid year-on-year growth rates of Facebook offer enticing investment opportunities to potential investors over the long term. With major acquisitions/mergers with top companies like WhatsApp, Instagram, Giphy, PlayGiga, and various others, potential investors have all the more reason to consider shortlisting Facebook shares with an extremely promising rate of return over the next couple of years.

Facebook stock price history-

To provide more insight into this, dwelling into Facebook stock price history, the price of Facebook stock was trading at $185.57 on the 29th of August 2019, and exactly one year later, the Facebook stock price is trading at $293.56, amassing an increase of 63.19% even after considering the volatility of the market.
If this caught your attention, wait till you read about their 5-year statistics. On 1st September 2015, each share was trading at $89.90 and the Facebook stock price today, as of 29th August 2020, is trading at $293.56, an increase of 329.21%.

How to buy Facebook stock in India?

Only a handful of companies in India have had a relatively similar rate of return and with the NSE/BSE proving to be a far riskier option to invest in, Facebook shares can attest to be a safe bet for the masses. Now the question arises, how can Indians buy Facebook stock/how to buy Facebook stock in India? The same question a couple of years ago would have been a hard one to answer, due to the fact that there were either very less options to do the same or that the transaction risks and commissions would be exorbitantly high.
Forget investing in Facebook stocks online, it would be near impossible for an Indian to look up a Facebook stock quote for the day as well. But now, North Loop has that covered from A to Z. You can now not only invest in Facebook but over 3,000+ stocks, from Apple to Netflix, Tesla to Zoom. North Loop also provides flexibility to Indians to invest in fractional shares of your favorite companies, starting from just $1 with very minimal documentation and absolutely no necessity to maintain a minimum balance on your account.

Facebook stock forecast

Well seasoned analysts have collectively come to the conclusion that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook shares will jump at least 29% in earnings per share by the end of 2021 and project an extremely promising future within the next 5 years, to say the least.
For any Indian, investing in the US stock market is an attractive option considering the steady growth, reliability, and rate of returns offered by top corporations and North Loop is all set to make the dream a reality. Sign up today to make the most of the opportunities.
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