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02 Sep 2020

How to invest in Apple stocks online-

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Apple- Background and services offered-

With a recent valuation of over $2 trillion, it’s no surprise that Apple is currently the biggest corporation in the world. With its premium range of products like iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, iMacs, etc. it’s safe to say that Apple has discovered the perfect mantra for success.
The launch of AirPods and Smart Watches, just like any other of its innovative products, has revolutionized the consumer electronics space for the better.

Since its inception, Apple has constantly followed one mission, which is to be unique and steer clear of dull and ordinary products. It’s futuristic and cutting edge technology has helped inspire millions of users worldwide and Apple products are often seen as a status symbol across certain demographics.
A big boost in sales can be attributed to the diverse segments that Apple offers services in, like the introduction of Apple TV+ in the OTT (over-the-top) segment, Apple music with the added benefit of a subscription scheme, Apple Pay, iCloud, and a lot more.

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Is Apple stock a good buy?

Apple annually amasses a revenue of upwards of $215B and has been seeing an incremental revenue year-on-year from 2016. It’s a no brainer to invest in a company that beats it’s own previous year revenue records, especially with an objective to rake in returns over the long term.
The achievement of the $2 trillion valuation should also be considered as a key factor in the decision to invest in Apple’s stocks.
At the very beginning of this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the number of active Apple devices have hit 1.5 billion with roughly 80% of the devices running iOS 13 or above. This statistic is key to decipher that the majority of the customer base comprises of active/loyal customers, implying perpetual purchases of products on a regular basis.

Apple Inc- one of the top US value stocks-

Recently a unique article was published that revealed an extremely shocking statistic. An INR 25,000 worth share portfolio of Apple back in 2004 would’ve fetched roughly around INR 1 crore in 2020!
Within the span of just 1 year, a share purchased on 24th August 2019 would’ve fetched a massive return of 133% valued at $500 per share. If this isn’t enough leverage to make a decision, Apple has very recently announced that its shares would be sold at a 4-for-1 split-adjusted basis, making them available at even more affordable prices than the previous split-adjusted price.
This decision surely does check all boxes, making them part of the top US stocks 2020.

How to invest in Apple from India?

For any Indian, shares of Apple Inc may induce reminiscence about companies like Satyam Computers, Reliance, Adani Enterprises, and more. But another shocking fact is that Apple’s market cap is bigger than the combined market cap of all BSE 500 companies and is two times bigger than the 30-share Sensex. This should again play a substantial role in making an investment decision for Indians. But the big question arises- How can Indians invest in Apple? Even if there is a way, how would one reduce the amount of money lost just in the transaction phase as charges?

Luckily, North Loop has just the right product in-store for all in doubt. With minimal paperwork and verification, over 3000 shares traded in the NASDAQ can be accessed in a couple of minutes. Best part? If the 4-for-1 split-adjusted price is still quite expensive, there is the flexibility to buy fractional shares starting at just $1 with absolutely no account minimums.

Apple Stock Forecast-

Expert financial analysts predict a 1-year price of anywhere between $600-$650 with the help of technical analysis based on forecast systems. In the span of the next 5 years, you can easily expect the price to hit upwards of $1200 per regular share. Alluring right? What’s more is that you have the benefit of the upper hand the dollar has to the rupee and over the next 5 years, your returns will even significantly increase when converted back from dollars to rupees when you sell the shares and book your potential profits.

So what’s the hold-up? Sign upwith us right away and kick off a fruitful investment journey.

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