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20 Oct 2020

Facebook Stock History, Everything you need to know

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Facebook- Background and Overview

Facebook Inc was started as a prank by fellow Harvard University students which included Mark Zuckerberg all the way back in 2003. Facebook went on to become a platform for students of Harvard University to connect with each other, before subsequently expanding to other universities, which ultimately went public in 2004. People across all age groups (above the age of 13) could connect with each other provided they had a PC and an internet connection.

Facebook is a pioneer of social media and more than just attracting the attention of users, Facebook caught the attention of advertisers who started paying Facebook to market their products. Facebook eventually became a hotspot for advertisers to promote their products and by 2007, Facebook had over 100,000 pages through which advertisers promoted their products. Facebook now offers a plethora of features such as Pages, Groups, and Marketplace, a place where users can buy and sell used goods. Facebook, in a bid to expand its empire, acquired Whatsapp and Instagram, with its other acquisitions including LiveRail and Occulus.
Facebook has a reported 2 billion+ active monthly users with an employee fleet of over 50,000. Facebook is the third most visited website globally and more than 74% of its active users visit the site at least once a daily.

FB stock NASDAQ-

Facebook launched its IPO in May 2012 at $38 raising a total of $16 Billion, but soon after its shares got listed, the share price fell drastically for the remainder of the year. However, the share prices have since increased at a 23.3% annual rate of return,as of the first half of 2020. A lot of investors had made the decision to purchase Facebook stocks when the price of each share hit the lowest of all lows but have since netted an annual return rate of 37.6% as of May 2020.

At the time of writing the article, the stock price today of Facebook stock NASDAQ- is $265.74. Facebook shares fall under the category of FAANG stocks, which is a globally renowned set of blue-chip stocks which are sought after by laid-back undemanding investors.
Despite the impact of the covid-19 pandemic, Facebook’s sales grew 11% as compared to last year and its ad revenue grew 10% in the early Q3. Facebook’s earnings went up by 98% to $1.80 per share and Facebook has a market capitalization of $788 Billion, making it the 5th most valuable company, behind the likes of Apple and Google.

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Facebook stock history-

Facebook’s stock history pertaining to Year-To-Date price statistics indicates a decent growth rate, with the amount increasing from $209.78 to $269.17. However, taking the 5-year growth statistics into account, the stock price has grown almost 2 and a half times, from $102 back in 2015 to $269 as of October 2020.
Stock split history- Facebook has 0 stock split history so far.

How to Invest in Facebook Stocks-

With a stock futures forecast (1-year average price target) of $300, Facebook stocks are an enticing option for laid-back investors looking for stable returns. With that, it brings us to the next question- How to invest in Facebook Stocks?
Facebook stocks can be bought from any online stockbroker. It would just require investors to open a trading account with a broker, load funds in the account, and buy shares of your choice

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