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03 Dec 2020

EPF Claim Status

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Introduction -

In this article, we will tell you about the different ways by which you can check your EPFO claim status and other queries related to it.

What is the use of checking EPFO claim status?

EPFO claim status helps you to find out the latest information available about your application for EPF withdrawal. It also allows you to prepare in advance for rectifying any error or delay that got occurred during the claim process.

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How to check EPFO claim status?

Your claim status can get checked in several ways. Some of these are as follows -

Through UAN Member Portal -

You can check your PF claim status by following these steps -

Log in to your UAN Member by entering your UAN and password.

Click on the option of ‘online services’.

Click on ‘Track claim status’.

Note: You can also opt for online checking PF account balance using the member portal. The EPFO PF balance check and online checking PF account balance facilities are also available for members.

Through EPFO portal -

Visit EPFO’s dedicated portal.

Look for the option ‘Our Services’ and click on ‘For Employees’.

After you get redirected to the next page, you can click on the ‘Service’ option.

Once that gets done, you can check the claim status by entering your UAN and Member ID.

The option for online PF claim status checking is hassle-free and can get completed within a few minutes. You also don’t need to furnish any documents to initiate it as it only requires your UAN and Member ID. The online EPFO PF balance check facility is also very user-friendly and makes things easier.

Who can Make EPF Claims?

If you have an EPF account, you get deemed eligible to claim the accumulated funds under the following situations -

Post-retirement - If you are above 55 years of age, you can claim the entire EPF corpus. However, if you have opted for early retirement, you are not allowed to claim the full value.

Before retirement - If you are of 54 years, you can claim up to 90% of your EPF corpus, only if you are retiring the next year.

In the case of unemployment - If you remain unemployed for over a month, you can claim up to 75% of your EPF corpus. However, when you start a job, you get required to transfer 25% of that amount to your EPF account. If you become unemployed for over two months, you become eligible to claim your entire EPF corpus.

Partial withdrawals are usually allowed only in the case of funding required for higher education, medical emergency or for constructing or purchase of a house property.

How to Initiate the Claim Process?

To initiate the claim process, you get required to submit a couple of forms to the concerned authorities. Here we are listing the suitable ones applicable for different kinds of situations.

Form 13 - This form gets used for transferring the accumulated funds into a new EPF account in the case of a job change.

Form 14 - This form gets used to pay for your LIC policy.

Form 10 D - You can use this form to claim pension fund if you are less than 58 years of age and have to leave an establishment due to physical disability.

Form 28 - This form gets used by nominees to claim the PF of a deceased EPF member.

How to use UAN for PF transfer online?

EPFO has introduced UAN primarily to act as an umbrella for the multiple Member IDs allotted to you by different employers. You can also use this UAN for PF transfer online. The UAN enables linking of several EPF Accounts that have gotten assigned to you. It also allows auto-triggering transfer request on change of employment.

EPF settlement time -

The EPFO recently reduced the EPF settlement time for claims to 10 days from 20 days. It has also cut the grievance redressal period from 20 days to 15 days. These steps got taken to ease the process of claims for EPFO subscribers.

Address and contact number of the regional provident fund office, Pune -

The address of the Regional Provident Fund Office, Pune is as follows -

EPF Regional Office,
2nd and 3rd Floor,
Pune Cantonment Board Building,
Near Golibar Maidan, Camp,
Pune-411001 (Maharashtra).
E-mail: ro.pune@epfindia.gov.in
Phone no: 020-26449150

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