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02 Dec 2020

Best Performing US Stocks – November 2020

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Introduction -

Investing is a long-term game, and for selecting the best-performing stocks, you should consider long-term performance and not short-term volatility.

In this article, we have compiled the best stocks chosen by some experts in the S&P measured by year-to-date performance. But before we begin, let us look at a few strategies for buying the highest performing stock in the market -

Growth Investing -

If you are a growth investor, you already know that the stock market performance gets driven by earnings. Also, being interested in buying the best-performing stocks would mean you should be ready to pay for them.

Since growth stocks are priced higher than the rest of the market, it is not unusual for some companies to trade at their 52-week high or record levels. Moreover, as these companies continue to generate high profits, you can also get rewarded with a rising stock price.

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Dividend Payers -

Experts feel that some of the other best-performing companies in the stock market are those that choose to direct the extra cash to shareholders in the form of a dividend. Historically, dividend stocks have generated higher returns every year as compared to companies that do not reward their shareholders.

Speculative Profits -

Even though speculative investing gets considered as one of the riskiest methods as the focus is on price fluctuations, it can offer high growth potential. If you can leverage this strategy well, you can observe tremendous growth and earn high profits from market value changes.

Since speculative investing involves focusing on price movements, it does not take into consideration the fundamental value of a security or the annual income the asset may bring such as dividends or interest payments. Experts also feel that your strategy should include regular monitoring of your riskiest performers to ensure they are going in the direction you want.

List of the best US stocks as of November 2020 according to experts-

Here is a list of the best US stocks as of November 2020 -

Company Name    
Price Performance (This Yr)    
Etsy Inc.   
NVIDIA Corporation   
West Pharmaceutical Services Inc.   
Rollins Inc.   
PayPal Holdings Inc.   
ServiceNow Inc.   
L Brands Inc.   
FedEx Corp.   
Catalent Inc.   
Advanced Micro Devices Inc.   
AMZN Inc.    
IDEXX Laboratories Inc.   
Cadence Design Systems Inc.   
Align Technology Inc.   
Synopsys Inc.   
Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc.   
Old Dominion Freight Line Inc.   
DexCom Inc.   
Apple Inc.    

Some other things that you should know -

It is crucial to understand that picking individual stocks is not easy. However, when these individual stocks come together in a diversified portfolio via index funds, things become less complicated. That is what index mutual funds and exchange-traded funds do. They bundle many stocks together, such as the S&P 500 index which includes approximately 500 of the largest companies in the US.

Since index funds mirror the performance of a specific index, you can purchase a total stock market fund where the winning stocks can balance out the losing ones. That is the reason most professional investors consider that low-cost index funds and exchange-traded funds are critical aspects of a long-term portfolio.

For example, the S&P 500 index fund mirrors the S&P 500 by investing in the companies that make up the index. Similarly, you can invest in a fund, say, tied to the DJIA to track the companies that make up that index.

On the other hand, some experts feel that index funds can become a little boring as compared to chasing the current hot stocks. That is primarily because index funds cannot beat the market. Its goal is only to match the returns posted by its benchmark or track a range of underlying assets such as small-cap stocks, international stocks, bonds or commodities such as gold.

However, that getting said, index funds can be inherently diversified and you can invest in a few of these funds to build a well-rounded, diversified portfolio. They are also less risky as compared to picking potential winner stocks from a wide variety of options.

Some believe that one of the best things to do is to create a portfolio where one portion can get used for predicting the highest performing stocks of the future while the other section can consist of index funds.

Conclusion -

The highest performing stocks may not always be the best stocks to invest in right now. Also, predicting the future of the current top-performers is nearly impossible, and even most pros are unable to do so.

Therefore, it gets recommended to choose stocks based on a variety of factors and after carrying out thorough research. Another thing to keep in mind is that the best ones for your portfolio may not necessarily be the same as that of others. Therefore, it is wise to build your portfolio based on your own long-term goals, investment horizon, risk appetite, and return preferences.

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