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30 Sep 2020

Best Performing Tech Stocks in Sept

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For the ones taking high risks in pursuit of higher returns, the US stock market doesn’t come short in any aspect. Being one of the busiest around the world, the US stock market has seen it all, from the recession of 2008 to the biggest tech booms of the century.But with the right stock selection, coupled with an apt amount of risk taken, one could be assured of guaranteed returns over the long run.

Technology is ever advancing globally and The United States is at the forefront. With their companies penetrating every country on the earth and invading every household, there is absolutely no doubt that The United States is the undisputed winner in this race.

With the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the rising number of cases in India, Indians are growing increasingly skeptical of the once bullish but now bearish Indian stock market and are looking for safer, long-term stock options elsewhere.
For those spoilt for choice of options, this article shortlists the top US tech stocks every Indian should be on the lookout for.

Best Performing Tech Stocks in Sept 2020-

  • Apple- Apple Inc offers a wide range of products and services such as mobile communications and media devices such as the iPhone, personal computers such as the MacBook, and portable digital music players consisting of the iPod family. The company sells a range of related software, services, accessories, networking solutions, and third-party digital content and applications. To date, their most popular and highest selling product is the iPhone. While it is a Marvellous piece of technology, it is also the driving force behind Apple's strong bullish rally at the Us Stock Market. From the start of the Financial year itself, Apple stocks have gone up by about 50% and their recent stock split has created waves in the stock market. After hitting their recent $2 trillion valuation benchmark, Apple stocks have shown absolutely no signs of stopping. With the iPhone 12 and the new proposed MacBook models right down the corner, their bullish rally is expected to soar.

  • Nvidia- Nvidia Corporation focuses on PC graphics, GPUs, and also on artificial intelligence (AI). Being one of the leading global drivers in the graphics processing sectors, Nvidia has become a household name with gamers, creators, and scientists alike. Professionals who require cutting edge computing power often do not compromise on the graphic cards they use, with their purposes varying from gaming, editing and even running complex software at NASA. Reports have shown that Nvidia’s sales have spiked with the launch of new AAA game titles. This lockdown has witnessed a high number of sales of Nvidia's products due to more people purchasing new gaming rigs, and a lot of first-time content creators willing to spend that extra few hundred dollars on cutting-edge graphics cards for crisp content. With these sudden increases in purchases, Nvidia is certainly a stock to look out for.

  • Microsoft- Microsoft stock is one of the strongest stocks in the market with a Composite Rating of 96 and an Earnings Per Rating of 95. Microsoft offers a plethora of products ad services, ranging from software like MS Office and Windows, laptops, and accessories under Microsoft Surface, cloud-related services, etc. While a lot of people in the United States and Europe prefer MacBooks, A majority of the Asian Market prefers Windows laptops due to their affordable pricing. Countries like India, where the education system has faced a sudden jolt to shift online immediately. A lot of the students prefer buying a basic windows laptop, rather than going all out on MacBooks. This correlates to a positive impact of stocks pertaining to Microsoft.

  • Visa- Visa Inc (Visa) is a payments technology company that connects buyers and sellers alike. Visa has one of the most recognized names across the world and most people after a glance immediately associate it with the world of finance. With such a powerful global reputation, millions of businesses across various scales are in a race to partner with Visa. Due to lockdowns throughout the globe, online shopping has outpaced brick and mortar. In this lockdown, experienced shoppers have no qualms but the first time shoppers have trust issues with payment gateways, this is where Visa comes in wearing their reputation like a cape. Visa’s biggest strength is the trust that people put in them with regards to their finances. It is this very factor that has ensured that their stock prices hit the roof.

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