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13 Oct 2020

Best Mutual Fund Managers for Equities

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The market downturn linked to the COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged market-linked securities completely and has resulted in uncertainty throughout the world. The pandemic has led to extremely volatile markets and there’s a complete pandemonium everywhere.
Yet, some well-seasoned fund managers have managed to navigate through the ebb and flow of the stock market, and in this article, we provide insight into some of the finest battle-scarred mutual fund managers across the country.

Before making the decision to invest in mutual funds, it is important for investors to ascertain their investment goals, assess their risk appetite, as well as work out a realistic timeline for the same. Since mutual funds have fund managers invest in securities, it is important to ensure that the portfolio is diversified as much as possible so that the risk exposure gets spread across too.

Post this, the next important step would be to select the right mutual fund manager. Fund managers play a very crucial role in selecting the right portfolio and investing in the same, so it is very important to ensure that the fund manager is completely looped into the investor’s goals and objectives. It is also important to research the track record of the fund manager and verify the credibility of the same.

Types of Mutual Funds (Equity)-

  • Large Cap- These are the type of funds wherein investments are made into companies with a large market capitalization. These companies are relatively immune to market fluctuations and may offer stable returns, however, the returns are lesser in comparison with small and mid-cap stocks. The risk exposure is also lesser relatively.

  • Small and Mid Cap- Under these funds, investments are made in companies with small and medium market capitalization. Funds are invested in small and mid-cap companies (securities) in a proportion that varies and the risk exposure is relatively higher in this case, offering higher returns.

  • Multi-Cap- Under multi-cap funds, investments are made into a perfect blend of large-cap as well as small and medium cap securities. Risk exposure is lesser in this case as the portfolio is diversified. Multi-cap funds tend to be a safer investment option for investors entering the mutual fund market for the first time.

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Top Equity Fund Managers 2020-


  • Shreyash Devalkar- Axis Mutual Fund

  • Neelesh Surana & Gaurav Mishra- Mirae Asset Global Investments

  • Neelotpal Sahai- HSBC Mutual Fund

  • Harish Krishnan- Kotak Mutual Fund

  • Swati Kulkarni- UTI Mutual Fund

Small and Mid-Cap-

  • Shreyash Devalkar- Axis Mutual Fund

  • R. Srinivasan- SBI Mutual Fund

  • Vinit Sambre- DSP Mutual Fund

  • Pankaj Tibrewal -Kotak Mutual Fund

  • Anupam Tiwari- Axis Mutual Fund

Multi cap-

  • Rajeev Thakkar- Parag Parikh Mutual Fund

  • Neelesh Surana- Mirae Asset Global Investments

  • Atul Bhole- DSP Mutual Fund

  • Jinesh Gopani- Axis Mutual Fund

  • Harsha Upadhyay- Kotak Mutual Fund

Factors to be looked at while selecting the apt mutual fund manager-

One of the main factors to be considered before selecting the best-suited fund manager is the cumulative assets under management- The higher the amount of assets managed, the better the credibility.

Type of mutual funds managed- It is necessary to find out the type of mutual funds the fund manager handles and is crucial for you to select a manager exactly as per your requirements. If you’re looking into investing in large-cap funds, it is important to select a fund manager that has a track record of investing in large-cap securities.

Experience- Another important factor for one to consider is the experience of wealth management a fund manager has under their belt. The more experienced the fund manager is, the better.

Aggregate returns delivered by fund managers, by taking factors like initial investment amount, the risk exposure bundled with the number of years taken to generate the required results.


For the ones looking to take some calculative risks for the benefit of good returns, mutual funds are one of the best bets for investors alike. The stock market can often be tricky at times due to its unpredictability and this is where mutual funds have an advantage as highly experienced fund managers invest in the securities market on your behalf. Depending on your requirement, you can select a fund manager from the aforementioned lists or just invest in mutual funds offered by North Loop. North Loop provides carefully-chosen mutual funds, round-up investing with an automated set of rules and goals. Sign up here to start investing.

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