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04 Sep 2020

Best FD Review for Indian Residents

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Fixed Deposits: Overview-

Fixed deposits (FDs) are investment schemes offered by a plethora of banks around the world. Fixed deposits are one of the most secure modes of investments as the principal amount deposited remains untouched. For those who have idle cash parked in their bank accounts, FDs earn a higher rate of interest than normal savings accounts do.

Before proceeding to our top FD picks, let us first understand how Fixed Deposits work.First, a lumpsum amount of money needs to be deposited with the bank and a lock-in period needs to be decided upon. Based on the amount deposited and the lock-in period, a fixed rate of interest is earned that can be collected either periodically or at maturity.
Conventionally, the FD lock-in tenures for Indian Residents start at 7 days and can go all the way up to 10 years. The longer the tenure, the higher the rate of interest, and the larger the amount deposited, the higher the returns.

Although Fixed Deposits can earn significantly lesser returns in comparison to mutual funds, SIPs, stocks, and various others, FDs tend to be more of a lower risk lower returns kind of scheme. In the case of the other schemes, the principal amount would directly be risked for higher returns whereas in the case of FDs, since the principal amount remains untouched, the exposure to risk is significantly lesser relatively.

Bank Name FD Rate Of Interest
North Loop7%
HDFC Bank5.50%
ICICI Bank5.50%
Axis Bank5.50%

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What can be inferred from the above data is that private sector banks tend to offer more interest rates on fixed deposits and usually have more flexibility pertaining to the duration of the lock-in period. However, you might find it more secure to open an FD account at a public sector bank despite slightly lower interest rates offered.

Top 5 bank fixed deposit interest rates:
Lock-in Period=1 Year with a deposit of Rs. 100,000
Bank Name :Rate Of Interest (compounded annually):Return:
North Loop7%107,186
HDFC Bank5.10%105,198
Axis Bank5.10%105,198
ICICI Bank5.10%105,198

Top 5 bank fixed deposit interest rates:
Lock-in Period=5 Year with a deposit of Rs. 100,000
Bank Name :Rate Of Interest (compounded annually):Return:
North Loop7%₹141,478
HDFC Bank5.50%₹130,760
Axis Bank5.50%₹131,407
ICICI Bank5.50%₹131,408

The best Fixed Deposit scheme can be selected based on a mix of various factors like tenure, rate of interest, and flexibility. Flexible schemes tend to offer a lot of features like premature withdrawals, loans using FD as collateral, deposits starting at minimal amounts, etc.

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