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09 Sep 2020

Bank of Baroda Savings Account Review

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Bank of Baroda Background and Overview –

Bank of Baroda is the third-largest public sector bank in India offering a variety of financial products and services. It is an Indian multinational having a global presence with around 100 overseas offices and ranks on the Forbes Global 2000 list as well.

Bank of Baroda savings account features –

  • Bank of Baroda offers a couple of savings account variants with low quarterly average balance requirement.
  • Minimum balance requirements to open a Bank of Baroda online account is Rs.1000. However, if you are a salaried employee in the Central/State Government, an agent of Life or General Insurance Corporation or working in a public or private limited company or still a student, the minimum balance requirement is nil.
  • Access to Bank of Baroda savings account is easy because of its extensive network of branches and ATMs.
  • RTGS, IMPS, NEFT and UPI facilities are available for the Bank of Baroda online account, making it convenient to transfer funds from its savings account to other bank accounts.
  • E-statement and SMS alert facility is available with the Bank of Baroda savings account.
  • Linking of your savings account to the Multi Option Deposit (MOD) account is easy with Bank of Baroda’s Auto Sweep facility.

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Bank of Baroda savings account interest rate –

Bank of Baroda (BOB) offers an interest rate of 2.75% on its savings account. The interest is calculated daily and credited to the saving account every quarter. It also provides a few other additional benefits to students and minors. The interest rates offered on some of its savings account products are as follows –

BOB Savings Account – 2.75%

Super Savings Account – 2.75%

Baroda Centenary Savings Account – 2.75%

Baroda Basic Savings Account – 2.75%

Baroda Salary Advantage Saving Account – 2.75%

Baroda Bachat Mitra – 2.75%

Baroda Pensioners Savings Bank Account – 2.75%

Baroda Jeevan Suraksha Savings Bank Account – 2.75%

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Eligibility criteria –

To open a savings account with Bank of Baroda, you must fulfil its eligibility criteria. The foremost requirement is that you should be an Indian citizen and above the age of 18 years. Also, you should have a valid and Government approved identity and address proof. In the case of minors, the account can get opened by their parents or guardians.

Documents required –

To be eligible to open a Bank of Baroda savings account, you have to submit the following documents –

Proof of identity

Proof of address

PAN card

Form 16

Passport-sized photographs

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The application process for Bank of Baroda Online Account Opening –

The first step you should take for the Bank of Baroda online account opening is to arrange all the mandatory documents mentioned above. You can then download the account application form online from the bank’s website and fill it in accordingly.

The Bank of Baroda savings accounts opening process is not very seamless, but you can take the assistance of any of their executives by contacting them.

Bank of Baroda online account opening option does not exist, and you have to take your KYC and other documents along with the duly filled in application form physically to any one of its branches. That can be troublesome if there is no BOB branch nearby and is a massive drawback in the current digital age.

After you have physically submitted the form and the verification process is complete, you have to make an initial deposit at the cash deposit counter of the bank depending on the saving accounts type you have chosen. Once all the above procedures get completed, you can receive your debit card and other relevant bank documents.

The entire process can be inconvenient and slow-moving, more so if your documents are not ready or you are unable to visit the bank branch. Bank of Baroda online account opening that does not require a visit to the branch is the need of the hour and without it, the bank account application process is extremely cumbersome. A digital banking platform like North Loop offering online saving accounts help a lot in this regard and allow you to open a savings bank account online from the comfort of your home with the least effort, no documentations and in minimum time.

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