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11 Nov 2020

Renewing or Reissuing a US Passport

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A passport is an official document that facilitates the holder to travel to and from foreign countries. The US Passport declares the identity of a citizen and entitles them to travel.
A US passport has a long validity of 10 years and in case the passport is expired, has to be issued under a new name, lost/stolen, the holder would have to get their passport renewed or reissued.
As per the U.S. Embassy and Consulates, the US passport can be renewed if it is about to expire, has expired, damaged, or if there is a change of name. The US passport can be reissued if the passport is lost or stolen.

How to renew your passport (above the age of 16 years)-

The passport can be renewed either online or in-person. In order to renew the passport, the first step would be to fill out the DS-82 passport application online.

The fees in-line with the passport renewals can be found here.

After this, a recent passport-sized photograph (2x2inch/ 5cm x 5cm) must be submitted along with the required documents-

  • The applicant’s most recent U.S. passport.
  • Properly completed and printed passport application form.
  • Social Security number

Post this, the passport will be delivered to the address mentioned above in the application within 2 weeks.

How to get your passport reissued if it’s lost/stolen?

Citizens who have lost their passport need to do the following-

  • File a police report with the Indian authorities as soon as possible.

  • Make an appointment online (no appointment is necessary if the citizen is traveling the following week)

  • Complete passport application online and Form DS-64: Statement Regarding Lost or Stolen passport

  • Print application

Documents required for passport replacement-

  • Police report

  • Proof of your identity and U.S. citizenship

  • One recent passport-sized photograph (5 cm x 5 cm color photograph taken against a white background).

  • Completed DS-64 application.

Fees required to be paid can be found here. Once this is done, the passport will be printed and sent over in 7-10 days.

You can refer to the Official US website for more informationhere

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