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02 Dec 2020

NRIs from Andhra - How to Stay in Touch With Home

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Introduction -

A survey conducted by the UN documented India’s diaspora population as being the largest in the world. Most Indians move abroad in pursuit of world-class education or better careers and enjoy a multicultural life abroad. However, many are united in their nostalgia for the Indian subcontinent and find ways to stay in touch with home or pursue activities that they can associate with their motherland.

Observations of an NRI from Andhra Pradesh -

We were reading a blog written by an Andhra Pradesh NRI, and there were a few things that caught our attention. The first one was the fact that despite better living conditions, medical facilities, better weather and less traffic, NRIs miss India. If you are an NRI living overseas, you might relate to this.

The culture, food, festivals and presence of family back in the country is irreplaceable. As stated by the Great Andhra NRI in his blog, the nostalgia for the homeland is so high that most people want to come back as soon as possible. They even enrol their kids in Indian international schools so that it remains in line with the Indian education system and also make sure that their children imbibe the Indian culture perfectly through activities like music, dance, cricket etc.

What was even fascinating was the fact that to compensate for not living in India, they ensure that their younger generations soak up the desi culture even more strictly than their Indian counterparts.

Now if you can relate to the emotions shared by the NRI from the great Andhra, you will be delighted to read the list we have compiled about the things you can do to stay in touch with home and feel less distant from your motherland -

If you miss your parents, siblings and relatives -

Ask any NRI what he or she misses the most about India, and the answer will always be family. So if you are one of those NRIs whose family does not live with you, there are things you can do to stay in touch with them and feel less distant. One of the simplest things has to be video calls.

You can arrange a weekly video call, preferably on weekends, at a specific time. That way the entire family can take out time and sit together to chat about how the week went etc. It is one of the easiest ways to stay in touch regularly and prevents relationships from falling apart. Moreover, fixing a specific time can mean everybody can wrap up their commitments well in advance to sit for a virtual get-together.

If you miss your friends -

It is normal to develop a new circle wherever you live, but we know how childhood friends can never get forgotten and missing them becomes a part of living overseas. It is also true that keeping in touch with them becomes difficult because of the difference in time zones and hectic work schedules.

However, similar to the point mentioned above, small initiatives like fixing a time to catch up virtually can make a huge difference. Also, you may not necessarily need to do that every week or even every month, but making small efforts to arrange a virtual game-session etc. once in a while can prevent you from feeling lonely or missing your friends too much.

If you miss the Indian food -

If you are a native of Andhra Pradesh, we assume that your food cravings are the most prominent. With the state being home to fiery delicacies like curries, vadas and pachadis, it is impossible not to miss the food. But what should you do to stay in touch with home and its tangy hot curries?

While searching for Indian restaurants that offer your favourite Andhra-recipes is one option, you can also take up online classes to learn some of the easy dishes and curb your cravings to an extent.

Moreover, with the recent lockdown in many parts of the world, online cooking classes have become even more accessible. So, you can make use of the opportunity to try your hand at making Pulihora (tamarind rice) or even the famous Chepalapulusu (fish curry).

Some other ways to stay in touch with home -

Other than being in regular touch with family, friends and favourite food, you can also keep yourself updated with the latest news and development happening in your hometown or state. If you are an Andhra native, you can look up the Andhra Jyothi e-paper online to read about the latest Andhra Pradesh news.

Along with subscribing to Andhra Jyothi e-paper, you can watch ABN Andhra Jyothi for staying updated about the events happening in your state. ABN Andhra Jyothi is a Telugu or Andhra Pradesh news channel that got launched after the success of the Andhra Jyothi newspaper.

Along with briefing yourself with Andhra news, you can check out the latest developments related to Andhra Pradesh elections or take part in events organized by Andhra NRIs such as the Amavarathi movement in which NRIs participated in a candlelight vigil in almost 300 cities across the world.

According to the Telugu Association of North America (TANA), NRIs like you wanted to show their solidarity with the farmers and around one lakh of them from across the world, all hailing from Andhra Pradesh participated in peaceful protest rallies, held in full adherence to the law.

Conclusion -

There are so many ways by you can stay in touch with home - Talk to your family and friends regularly, learn a few native dishes, keep yourself updated about Andhra news, events or Andhra Pradesh elections etc.

If there are other things that you do to stay in touch with home, you can share them with us. We would love to hear from you.

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