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18 Jan 2020

North Loop vs Western Union: The Complete Guide

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If you’re looking to send money from India to the US, you may be thinking of using Western Union. One of the oldest names in sending money abroad, Western Union has outposts in nearly every country and has been around for hundreds of years.
But is it better to use Western Union? Since it's the oldest, Western Union is usually also considered the most expensive and slow method of sending money overseas. It is not uncommon to hear about complaints regarding slow settlements and opaque pricing.
Where Western Union excels is its global reach - no other company comes close to the geographic reach that Western Union has.
Here’s an overview of how much it would cost to send $10,000 to the US from India using Western Union vs North Loop.

North Loop vs Western Union Comparison

What you pay in INRTransfer LimitsDelivery TimeCurrencyProtect
North Loop726,541.15Up to $50,0003-5 daysYes
Western Union Online721,167.71Up to $10,0005-7 daysNo
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Western Union provides a great rate if you are sending money from India to the US. However, it is slower and has a much lower limit (one that is impractical when transferring university fees) than when you use North Loop.

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