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20 Nov 2020

How to Track Your USCIS Case Status Online

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Introduction -

We understand how complex and confusing the US immigration process can become. That is the reason we have created this guideline to help you track your USCIS case status online and take the necessary steps to expedite the process. We are listing several options that you can choose for tracking your USCIS case status. To find out, continue to read further.

USCIS check case status -

USCIS check case status can get done online. However, if your case has been open for a long time, it can become a little tedious. Here we have provided the step by step instruction for checking the status -

Keep your 13-digit receipt number ready as you will need that to look up your status online.
Once you do that, navigate to USCIS’s case status page.
Click on the ‘Check Status’ button.
After clicking the button, the page will refresh, and you will see an update with the current status of your case.

USCIS case status options -

You can check green card status, your H1b case status, visa application, extension or transfer status online through USCIS’s portal. If you have submitted a green card application, you can also do green card tracking and use the same steps to check green card status. USCIS also offers case status tracking for few other forms such as -

Form I-140
Form I-485
Form I-765
Adjustment of Status (AOS)
Advance Parole
Employment Authorization Documents (EAD)

Some other applications that you can track on the USCIS website are -

H1B case status
Green card tracking
Alternate methods for checking your USCIS case status -

You can also check your case status offline using a variety of inquiry options available to you like email, telephone, direct mail, and even in-person at your local processing centre. However, unlike the online method, these options can have a longer waiting period and not give you case status updates immediately.

How to check your case status by email -

All USCIS processing centres have unique email addresses. Therefore, you can use this facility to inquire about your USCIS case status. The list for the contact information of the different processing centres is provided on the USCIS website.

How to check your case status via telephone -

You can check your USCIS case status by phone as well. All you have to do is call on 1-800-375-5283. The advantage of inquiring via phone is that you may not need your receipt number. However, the waiting period can get annoying as that depends on the volume of other callers inquiring about their case status. Sometimes you may even have to wait up to two hours or more.

How to check your case status by direct mail -

To get a case status update by direct email, you will have to send an inquiry letter to your local USCIS field office where you filed your petition. The information that you need to provide in the letter is as follows -

Full name
Alien number (if applicable)
The date your application or petition got filed
Location at which your petition or application got filed
Receipt number (if you’ve received one)

You should try and include a copy of your receipt with the inquiry letter to facilitate the case status update process.

How to check your case status in person -

You can also inquire in-person about the status of your USCIS case. To do so, you will have to make an appointment with your local processing centre.

USCIS case processing time -

USCIS case processing time depends on several factors and can vary from months to years. The kind of form and type of application primarily determines the actual processing time. The USCIS has provided the average processing time for all the types of applications on its website.

Conclusion -

We hope this article helped you in finding out about some of the modes of checking your USCIS case status. If you do not prefer repeatedly checking it online, you can also opt for automated USCIS case status updates that get sent to your email.

You can also read other articles on our website about how to fill some of the commonly used forms such as DS 11, N 400, I-94, S 386 etc.

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