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18 Nov 2020

Form N 400 - Everything You Should Know

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Introduction -

If you are an immigrant living in the US, hold a green card since a considerable amount of time and want to apply for naturalization as a US citizen, then this article will help you in many ways. Here we are going to talk about the naturalization form, where to file N 400 and its processing time.

What Is Form N-400?

Form N 400 is known as the Application for Naturalization and represents a government-designated form for green cardholders. If you want to apply for US citizenship as a green card holder, you have to file this particular form. However, there are some things that you need to consider when filing.

Who Is Eligible for an N-400?

Several factors determine your eligibility to apply for naturalization in the US. That includes the amount of time for which you have had a green card, the number of years you have lived in the US and if you have done any military service. So, if you have been living in the US for at least 2.5 years and hold a green card, you can apply for naturalization after five years. Also, if you have a green card, are married to a US citizen and have been living in the country for 1.5 years, you can apply for citizenship after three years.

If you have served in the US military, the rules that apply to you will be different. That means, if you are a green card holder, been living in the US for 2.5 years and have less than one year of peacetime military service, you can apply for naturalization after five years. However, you can do so within six months after leaving the military or during active duty if you have at least one year of peacetime military service.

Who Cannot File Form N-400?

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria or if your citizenship has gotten acquired through a US citizen and you live abroad, you may not be able to file the naturalization form N 400.

N-400 Required Documents -

Here is a list of the documents you need for submitting Form N-400 -

A copy of your green card
Application fee payment
You may also need to offer additional documents such as -
Marital status proof
Two passport-sized photographs
Form N 426 (if you have served for the military)
Form N 648 (if you have some medical condition and want to get an exemption based on the same)

Where to File N-400 -

N 400 filing address primarily depends on the location of your application. If you want to apply from abroad, then you will have to check the N 400 filing address updated by the USCIS on its website, as that is where you can send your forms. The same applies if you wish to get a fee reduction or waiver. In most other cases, you can file the N 400 online. That can get done by creating an online account with USCIS and filling, signing as well as submitting it electronically.

N-400 Processing Time -

The N 400 processing time is usually around ten months, but in some cases, it can take longer than that. However, you should not worry if your application takes a little longer to get processed as that is quite common and not a matter of concern. Also, the USCIS N 400 processing time can vary depending on the field office that deals with your application. Now that you know where to file the Form and the USCIS N 400 processing time, let us look at some filing tips.

N-400 Filing Tips -

The next step after understanding the N 400 timeline is to ensure that you fill it correctly without making any errors or leaving out important information. You can do this by double-checking all the data that you have provided in the form. Moreover, if any of the supporting documents that you are submitting with the form aren’t in English, you should provide certified translations for them. Also, USCIS has specified that all the applications must get filled out using a black ink pen, so you should be careful to remember the same.

Conclusion -

Now that you have a complete guide about the N 400 timeline, its mode of application, place of submission etc. you can begin to fill the form.

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