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23 Nov 2020

Form I 693 - Everything You Should Know

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Introduction -

There are various types of documents that you need to submit when entering the US as a foreign national. Form I 693 is one of them, and you may get required to file it if you are hoping to get a green card. Also, with the ruthless spread of the Coronavirus and the current global state of affairs, this form will become even more crucial in the coming days and an indispensable part of documentations required when getting entry into the US. Let us now understand in details what is I 693 form, when to submit I 693 and other I 693 form details.

What is I 693 form?

To protect the well-being of the people in the United States, the government has made it mandatory for foreign nationals to prove that they are healthy before entering the country. That means, if you have a condition or disease that can get deemed as harmful for others residing in the US, the USCIS can deny you admission into the country.

However, not all medical conditions fall in the category laid down by the USCIS. In other words, diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure etc. that are not communicable will not lead to rejection of your entry into the US. Let us take a detailed look at the medical conditions that might prevent you from getting admission into the country -

Any contagious disease that can have a great significance on the public health

Drug addiction or abuse

Mental or physical disorders which are harmful

Absence of vital vaccine shots

When to submit I 693?

If you have plans to apply for a green card in the US, you need to prove that your medical records fulfil the eligibility rules as laid down by the USCIS I 693 form. To do that, you will have to submit relevant documents that provide proof that you are healthy enough to enter the country and are not carrying any disease, physical or mental, that can cause harm or injury to the rest of the population.

If you fail to provide the requisite documentation, your green card medical exam form and application can get rejected. Therefore, to fulfil the USCIS I 693 rules, you have to follow the guidelines carefully and submit your necessary health records.Also, if you have already had a medical exam overseas, you may not need to submit the entire green card medical exam form. In such cases, only filing a portion of I 693 Form may be enough.

How to complete I 693 -

The I 693 form consists of several parts. However, not all of them need to get filled by the applicant. Some of the portions are for interpreters, civil surgeons etc. In this article, we shall focus on the part that needs to get filled by you as an applicant. The details that you need to provide are as follows -

Full legal name
Address of residence
Date of Birth
Alien registration number (if applicable)
USCIS online account number (if applicable)

After you get done completing this part, you will also need to fill the second part that involves providing your contact information. The other sections of the form need to get filled out by the interpreter and the civil surgeon.

I 693 medical exam checklist -

You should ensure that you have provided the following information before submitting the form -

You need to provide an official list of the vaccines that you’ve had till now. If the list is not in English, you have to submit an authorized translated copy of the same.

You have to provide a list of any chronic medical conditions that you may have. Any medications that you take for those ailments also need to get specified.

If you have ever gotten hospitalized for any specific condition, you will have to provide written certification of your diagnosis and the course of your treatment. The prognosis will also need to get included with it.

If your medical history includes violent behaviour of any kind, you will need to provide information about the same. That includes mentioning the nature of violent behaviour like psychiatric, drug-related etc.

If you have ever had syphilis in the past, you will need to provide a written certificate from your doctor stating whether you have gotten provided with its appropriate treatment or not.

The same applies if you ever tested positive for tuberculosis. Also, if you do not have the disease but have ever undergone a test in the past for the same, you will need to provide written explanation about it.

I 693 form FAQs -

A completed and signed I 693 was not submitted by me and I have received a notice about it. What can I do now?

Answer -If a completed and signed I 693 was not submitted, you have to provide a valid, completed and signed form I 693 at a later date. If the mail you received includes an interview notice, you should take your updated form I 693 to the interview appointment. However, if your case does not require an interview, you will receive a request for evidence for form I 693 with instructions on where to send the form I 693.

What are the green card vaccines?

Answer -To complete your medical exam and get a green card, you need to provide proof of certain vaccines that generally get referred to as green card vaccines. Some of these include -

Influenza vaccine
Pneumococcal disease vaccine
Varicella vaccine
Meningococcal disease vaccine
Hepatitis A vaccine
Hepatitis B vaccine
Haemophilus Influenzae Type B vaccine
Rotavirus vaccine
Rubella vaccine
Mumps vaccine
Measles vaccine
Polio vaccine
Pertussis vaccine
Tetanus vaccine
Diphtheria vaccine

What if I do not possess any vaccination records?

Answer - For I 693 no vaccination record applicants, it will be mandatory for you to arrange the documents before submitting the form or appearing for the interview. Also, as Form I 693 no vaccination record applicants, you may need to get vaccinated for the diseases mentioned above before applying for your green card.

Conclusion -

While these medical technicalities and examinations might feel overwhelming, they are pivotal to stop the spread of contagious diseases. Also, once new vaccines for other infectious diseases get created, they continue to get added to the list. Therefore, you must remain updated and take the help of an immigrant attorney if required.

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