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15 Nov 2020

Companies run by NRIs

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With Sundar Pichai taking over Google Inc as the CEO, there is absolutely no two ways about Indians making strides for corporations across the globe. Moving abroad is not easy, yet a staggering number of Indians fight their way to the pinnacle of success and serve as an inspiration for many generations to come.
These leaders have not only made waves for their companies but have also strived to bring about changes impacting society at large, initiatives that were ardently meted out especially during the COVID-19 crisis. From distributing testing kits to PPE kits and facemasks, these leaders did the best they could to provide help during the crisis.
You’ve definitely heard about Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella, but were you aware that there are numerous other Indians at the helm of billion-dollar corporations across the globe?
Well, we’ve compiled a list of extremely innovative and enterprising leaders pulling the strings of Billion-dollar corporations, collectively accounting for over $1 Trillion in revenue.

Companies run by NRIs

Companies run by NRIs
NameCompanyDesignationRevenue (in Billion)
Sundar PichaiAlphabet Inc.CEO$171
Satya NadellaMicrosoft Corp.CEO$147
Arvind KrishnaIBMCEO$75
Raj SubramaniamFedExPresident, CEO$71
Punit RenjenDeloitte GlobalCEO$47
Mike MohanBest BuyCEO$43
Bharat MasraniTD BankCEO$41
Rajeev SuriNokiaCEO$25
Ajay BangaMasterCardCEO, President$15
Ivan Menezes DiageoCEO$14
Laxman Narasimhan Reckitt Benckiser GroupCEO$16
Sonia SyngalGap Inc.CEO$14
Siva SivaramWestern DigitalPresident$16
Piyush Gupta DBS GroupCEO$16
Raj GuptaAptivChairman of Board$14
Bob PragadaJacobs EngineeringCEO$13
Shantanu NarayenAdobeCEO and President$11
Rajiv MalikMylanPresident$11
Niraj ShahWayfairCo-Chairman, President & CEO$9
Milind PantAmwayCEO$8

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