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15 Feb 2020

Announcing our CohortGo Partnership

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Today we’re super excited to announce our partnership with CohortGo! You can now pay university fees from anywhere in the world with North Loop.

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CohortGo is an international money transfer business, that has helped thousands of students and their families transfer millions of dollars across borders, at the best possible rates.
We chose to partner with CohortGo because they’re the cheapest way you can pay university fees from abroad. We did our research, and the safety and security of CohortGo’s platform was the best - we care about the safety of our customers’ money above everything else, and CohortGo security ensures that as well.
We checked CohortGo’s FX rates against other providers like Flywire and Western Union, and 99% of the time CohortGo was cheaper by a significant margin.
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Credit: North Loop

What does it mean for you?

You can now use North Loop to pay university fees from anywhere in the world! If you’re in India and your university is in the US, you can use our platform to transfer money via CohortGo in a seamless manner, with little work and all from the comfort of your home. You no longer need to go to a bank branch, do cumbersome KYC or any extra effort! Simply sign up with North Loop, and we’ll guide you through the simple and secure process of sending money to the university.
You can save hundreds of dollars every time you pay university fees! Sign up now .

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