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21 Dec 2020

Jobs that offer the highest salaries in the UAE

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As each year passes by, the United Arab Emirates, being one of the biggest financial hubs across the globe, is the ultimate destination for professional expats to pursue their careers.There is a growing demand for jobs across various sectors such as law, marketing, finance & accounting, technology, and human resources.

Senior roles are in-demand in the finance & accounting sector as every company requires professionals to maintain books of accounts and ensure proper cash flows. On the other hand, with the adaptation to digital trends (as a result of the pandemic), roles such as data analytics and cybersecurity are in demand in the technology space.

In the Human Resources department, the demand for executive as well as senior roles have increased. These roles require applicants to have relevant digital skills and experience too.

In the legal sector, roles such as Chief Legal Officers have a high demand as companies require them to build a legal framework and ensure that operations comply with legal requirements. Bilingual candidates (that speak English and Arabic) are the most desirable candidates for various roles in the UAE.

As per Robert Half, these are the jobs that offer the highest salaries in the UAE-

1. Technology-

Jobs that offer the highest salaries in the UAE (Technology Sector)
Type of RoleMinimum ($)Maximum ($)
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)165,900320,200
Business System Manager114,000157,000
Security Analyst55,600114,400
Front-end developer52,300120,000
System Analyst46,600108,800
Application Support45,000105,000

2. Finance & Accounting-

Jobs that offer the highest salaries in the UAE (Accounting & Finance Sector)
Type of RoleMinimum ($)Maximum ($)
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)196,000381,000
Finance manager103,000105,000
Financial Planning Manager82,000147,000
Tax Manager81,200101,500
Chief Accountant75,000112,000
Payroll Manager74,20099,300
Internal Auditor54,30072,100
Credit Controller47,80059,800
Accounts Receivable Accountant29,50069,300

3. Financial Services-

Jobs that offer the highest salaries in the UAE (Financial Services)
Type of RoleMinimum ($)Maximum ($)
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)277,900457,800
Financial Controller147,100238,700
Credit Risk manager81,700179,800
Compliance Officer58,90094,800
FX Sales58,80091,600

4. Human Resources/Admin-

Jobs that offer the highest salaries in the UAE (Human Resources/Admin)
Type of RoleMinimum ($)Maximum ($)
Head of HR163,480295,000
Head of Compensation147,100246,250
Head of Recruitment98,000195,100
Executive Assistant65,40098,000
Office Manager65,40081,700
Personal Assistant49,00065,400
HR Officer30,70049,000

5. Legal-

Jobs that offer the highest salaries in the UAE (Legal)
Type of RoleMinimum ($)Maximum ($)
Legal Manager150,000204,500
Junior Associate55,000100,000
Legal Assistant46,00065,000

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