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06 Apr 2020

Best Indian Restaurants in Weirton, WV

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Indian Food in Weirton

Craving some Indian Food in Weirton? Here are the best Indian restaurants in Weirton, WV.

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The Best Indian Restaurants in Weirton, WV

Tamarind Indian Cuisine(724) 772-919110 St Francis Way
Govinda’s Restaurant(304) 830-41963759 Mccrearys Ridge Rd
Chutney’s - India’s Veg Kitchen(412) 538-00011120 Park Manor Blvd
Cafe Delhi(412) 278-5058205 Mary St
Cafe India(330) 965-1111813 Boardman Poland Rd
Rajbhog Indian Market and cafe(412) 212-691120111 Rte 19
Tamarind Savoring India(412) 278-48482101 Greentree Rd
Masala House Indian Bistro(412) 586-76555102 Baum Blvd, Bloomfield
Taj Mahal(412) 364-17607795 Mcknight Rd
Kabab & Curry Restaurant & Grill(412) 502-25402890 Banksville Rd, Banksville
Tamarind Express(412) 278-4848114 Southpointe Blvd
Tamarind(412) 605-0500257 N Craig St, Oakland
Mintt Indian Cuisine(412) 357-65333747 William Penn Hwy
Spice Affair(412) 847-74238 Brilliant Ave
Choolaah(412) 489-6338227 Summit Park Dr
Indian Spices(412) 281-1364129 6th St, Downtown
Mintt Indian Cuisine(412) 306-18313033 Banksville Rd, Banksville
Choolaah(412) 503-77976114 Centre Ave, Shadyside
Udipi Cafe(412) 373-55814141 Old William Penn Hwy
Nepali Asian Restaurant(412) 980-46122122 Brownsville Rd, Carrick
Himali Kitchen(412) 207-78023536 Saw Mill Run Blvd
Bangal Kabab House and Restaurant(412) 605-0521320 Atwood St, Oakland
People’s Indian Restaurant(412) 661-31605147 Penn Ave, Garfield
Taste of India(412) 681-77004320 Penn Ave, Bloomfield
Everest Kitchen(412) 207-96384042 Saw Mill Run Blvd
Sree’s Foods(412) 860-9181701 Smithfield St, Downtown
India Garden(412) 372-04003813 William Penn Hwy
Subba Asian Restaurant(412) 586-5764700 Cedar Ave, North Side
India Palace Cuisine(412) 471-0660137 6th St, Downtown
Tamarind Express(412) 278-4848120 Fifth Ave, Downtown
Garden Grill Steakhouse(304) 914-4027303 Three Springs Dr
All India(412) 681-6600315 N Craig St, Oakland
Prince of India(412) 687-08883614 5th Ave, Oakland
Yuva India Kitchen + Bar(412) 681-5700412 S Craig St, Oakland
India on Wheels(412) 378-66114422 Bigelow Blvd, Oakland
Coriander India Grill(412) 904-36542201 Murray Ave, Squirrel Hill
Mezbaan Indian Cuisine(412) 281-5111111 Smithfield St, Downtown
Sree’s Foods(412) 860-9181116 Meyran Ave, Oakland
Kavsar Restaurant(412) 488-870816 Southern Ave, Mt. Washington
Billu’s Indian Grill On Wheels(412) 736-7086The Hill District
Namaste India(412) 884-54351400 Radford Rd
Pak Halal Food(412) 377-7313500 Garden City Dr
Thai Foon(412) 788-11581950 Settlers Ridge Center Dr,
Bombay Grill285 10th Stdowntown
Salem’s Market & Grill(412) 235-7828,2923 Penn Ave, Strip District
Dijlah Hookah Lounge(412) 742-4998, 4130 Butler St, Lawrenceville
Bombay Giro(412) 434-0100,212 18th St
Aladdin’s Eatery - Pittsburgh-Squirrel Hill(412) 421-51005878 Forbes Ave, Squirrel Hill
East End Food Co-Op(412) 242-35987516 Meade St, Point Breeze
The Zenith(412) 481-483386 S 26th St, South Side
Bombay 7 Spice(412) 226-9132111 Smithfield St, Downtown
Kassab’s(412) 381-18201207 E Carson St, South Side
Ali Baba(412) 682-2829404 S Craig St, Oakland
Christos Mediterranean Grille(412) 261-6442130 6th St, Downtown

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