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03 Apr 2020

Best Indian Restaurants in Warren, MI

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Indian Food in Warren

Craving some Indian Food in Warren? Here are the best Indian restaurants in Warren, MI.

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The Best Indian Restaurants in Warren, MI

Jitis Indian Fusion Food(248) 432-27665114 Rochester Rd
Royal Bengal Indian Cuisine(586) 755-800026029 Hoover Rd
NoorJahan Indian Cusine(313) 473-800120641 Mack Ave
Curry Express(586) 693-05044027 E 9 Mile Rd
Phulkari Punjabi Kitchen(248) 541-356227707 Dequindre Rd
Premium Cafe & Sweets(586) 459-509127108 Dequindre Rd
Royal Masala(586) 939-57002135 17 Mile Rd
Royal Indian Cuisine(248) 743-02233877 Rochester Rd
Jitis Indian Fusion Food(248) 432-27665114 Rochester Rd
Main Street Kitchen(248) 629-6677309 N Main St
Detroit Masala(313) 656-46814154 3rd Ave, Midtown
Red Chillies(586) 803-438843743 Van Dyke
Biryani Xpress(248) 602-200134726 Dequindre Rd
NeeHee’s(248) 250-63354924 Rochester Rd
Jalsa Fine Dining & Banquets(586) 446-94302079 15 Mile Rd
Taj Restaurant(586) 459-574227116 Dequindre Rd
Grill and Curry(248) 677-43453354 12 Mile Rd
National Groceries and Catering(586) 268-822533148 Ryan Rd
Detroit Eatery(248) 850-8770200 5th Ave, Downtown Royal Oak
Aladdin Sweets & Cafe(313) 891-805011945 Conant St
Star of India(248) 546-5996180 W 9 Mile Rd, Downtown Ferndale
Ashoka Indian Cuisine(248) 689-70703642 Rochester Rd
ZamZam Restaurant(313) 893-990211917 Conant St
New Delhi Indian Restaurant(586) 264-333337206 Dequindre Rd
Touch of India(248) 593-7881297 E Maple Rd, Downtown Birmingham
Rajma(586) 726-881144631 Mound Rd
Reshmi Sweets & Cafe(313) 366-242512170 Conant St
Banana Leaf(248) 963-11502945 S Rochester Rd
Sakura Halal Chinese & Indian Cuisine(248) 817-51193635 Rochester Rd
Kabob House & Mouchak Sweets(313) 366-206011405 Conant St
Hungry Howie’s Pizza+1-586-558-480029142 Hoover Rd
Paradise Biryani Troy(248) 509-43274880 Rochester Rd
Masala Grill(586) 883-493414600 Lakeside Cir
Bonoful Sweets & Cafe(313) 368-880012085 Conant Ave
Ishtar Restaurant(586) 698-25853625 E 15 Mile Rd
Priya Indian Cuisine(248) 269-010072 W Maple Rd
Desi Tadka(586) 434-527037136 Dequindre Rd
Sai Sweets of India & Fast Food(248) 457-98004917 Rochester Rd
Yemen Cafe(313) 871-43498740 Joseph Campau St
Modhuban Sweets(313) 826-76413611 Carpenter St
The Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant- Ferndale(248) 547-6699545 W Nine Mile Rd, Downtown Ferndale
Inn Season Café(248) 547-7916500 E 4th St
Amar Pizza(313) 366-098012195 Joseph Campau
Fuji Japanese Buffet(248) 616-8868Located in 168 Asian Mart, 11405 Conant St
Mouchak Indian Cuisine(586) 268-72422187 17 Mile
Baghdad Restaurant(248) 879-25526850 N Adams Rd
BTK Annapurna(313) 366-05003611 Carpenter St
Al-Baraka Restaurant(313) 974-666166 E Forest Ave, Midtown
Seva Detroit(248) 594-9555215 N Old Woodward Ave, Downtown Birmingham
Mint(313) 365-01112200 Caniff St
Halal Desi Pizza & Gyro’s(313) 649-27598029 Agnes St
Detroit Vegan Soul(313) 458-87618025 Agnes St
The Red Hook(313) 331-320015233 Kercheval St
The Sprout House Natural Foods Market(313) 582-195214300 W Warren Ave
Shatila Bakery(313) 846-550013209 W Warren Ave
Sky Lounge Restaurant & Cafe(313) 846-933014633 W Warren Ave
Haneeth House(248) 435-83781800 W 14 Mile Rd
Penn’s Thai Kitchen(248) 524-03003720 Rochester Rd
La Marsa - Troy(248) 606-46512783 S Rochester Rd
Hungry Howie’s Pizza+1-586-558-480029142 Hoover Rd
Tuhama’s(313) 581-071410613 W Warren Ave
Grape Leaves Restaurant(248) 816-20002850 W Maple Rd
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Credit: North Loop

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