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04 Apr 2020

Best Indian Restaurants in Vancouver, OR

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Indian Food in Vancouver

Craving some Indian Food in Vancouver? Here are the best Indian restaurants in Vancouver, OR.

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The Best Indian Restaurants in Vancouver, OR

Beeryani Indian Bistro & Bar(604) 609-99991184 Denman StreetWest End
Salam Bombay(604) 681-6300755 Burrard StreetDowntown
Beeryani Indian Bistro & Bar(604) 609-99991184 Denman StreetWest End
Indian Delicacy(604) 569-21221130 West pender stDowntown
Spicy 6(604) 336-79991116 Robson StreetWest End
Davie Dosa Company(604) 262-23151235 Davie StreetWest End
Tasty Indian Bistro(604) 423-33001261 Hamilton StreetYaletown
Pawans Indian Kitchen(604) 770-36501925 Lonsdale AvenueCentral Lonsdale
Curry Fusion(604) 428-3600542 Robson StreetDowntown
Vij’s Rangoli(604) 736-57111488 W 11th AveSouth Granville
Dosa and Curry(604) 602-15581188 Davie StreetWest End
Indian Fusion Restaurant(604) 984-99772045 Lonsdale AvenueCentral Lonsdale
Mumbai Local Restaurant(604) 423-32811148 Davie StreetWest End
Crave India(604) 569-18501019 Granville StreetGranville Entertainment District
RV’s Butter Kitchen(604) 548-24361355 Hornby StDowntown
Modern Handi Indian Cuisine(604) 559-5244827 Denman StreetWest End
Indian Roti Kitchen(604) 876-37672961 Cambie StreetFairview Slopes
Delhi 6 Indian Bistro(604) 742-33111766 W 7th AvenueFairview Slopes
Swad Indian Kitchen(604) 281-44111734 Marine DriveAmbleside
A Taste of India Restaurant(604) 682-38941282 Robson StWest End
Silk Lounge(778) 379-6900132 Powell Street
Vij’s Restaurant(604) 736-66643106 Cambie StreetMount Pleasant
Kinara Indian Cuisine(604) 633-83131326 Davie StWest End
Sula Indian Restaurant(604) 215-11301128 Commercial DriveGrandview-Woodlands
Tandoori Fusion(604) 738-28242872 W BroadwayKitsilano
Grounds For Appeal(604) 681-8558845 Cambie StreetDowntown
House of Dosas(604) 875-12831391 KingswayKensington-Cedar Cottage
India Bistro Vancouver(604) 684-63421157 Davie StreetWest End
Horn OK Please1162 Denman StreetWest End
Palki Restaurant(604) 986-7555116 15th Street ECentral Lonsdale
Vij’s Railway Express(604) 639-33351075 W Georgia StreetDowntown
Beeryani Indian Bistro & Bar(604) 609-99991184 Denman StreetWest End
Sitar(604) 687-00498 Powell StreetGastown
Tandoori Oven(604) 565-33556452 Main StreetPunjabi Market
Copper Chimney Indian Grill & Bar(604) 689-8862Located in Executive Hotel LeSoleilDowntown
Raga Restaurant(604) 733-11271177 Broadway WFairview Slopes
East is East(604) 565-44014433 Main StreetRiley Park
Mirchi Restaurant(604) 266-70007964 Granville StreetMarpole
Vaades(604) 973-0123149 W 3rd StreetLower Lonsdale
Indian Junction Bar & Grill(604) 875-69993364 Cambie StreetRiley Park
Chutney Villa South Indian Cuisine(604) 872-2228147 Broadway EMount Pleasant
India Abroad(604) 684-6047530 Hornby StDowntown
Bombay Kitchen and Bar(604) 336-11111018 Commercial DriveGrandview-Woodlands
East Is East(604) 734-58813035 west BroadwayKitsilano
Ashiana Tandoori Restaurant(604) 874-50601440 Kingsway StreetKensington-Cedar Cottage
Agra Tandoori Restaurant(604) 430-16003790 Canada Way
Handi Cuisine of India(604) 925-52621579 Bellevue AvenueAmbleside
Gurkha Himalayan Kitchen(604) 565-79651141 Davie StreetWest End
Indian Village Eatery(604) 558-31112745 E Hastings StreetHastings-Sunrise
Dosa Corner(604) 324-36728248 Fraser StreetSunset
Mr Pan Pizza & Indian Curry House(604) 985-6699112 12th Street WCentral Lonsdale
Dosa Factory(778) 379-77911345 KingswayKensington-Cedar Cottage
Indian Wok(604) 428-26735212 KingswayMetrotown
Indian Oven Restaurant(604) 730-50692006 W 4th AvenueKitsilano
Tandoori Palace(604) 254-84521439 Commercial DriveThe Drive
New India Buffet(604) 874-5800901 W BroadwayFairview Slopes
Madras Spice(604) 325-65556260 Fraser StreetSunset
Jolly’s Indian Bistro(604) 734-91102928 4th Avenue WKitsilano
Indian Bayleaf(604) 428-87004890 Victoria DriveKensington-Cedar Cottage
Kilimanjaro Snack House and Catering(604) 559-7050789 KingswayKensington-Cedar Cottage
Grace of India(604) 428-87421284 KingswayKensington-Cedar Cottage
Dewan-E-Khass(604) 327-48005750 Fraser StreetSunset
Beeryani Indian Bistro & Bar(604) 609-99991184 Denman StreetWest End
Akbar’s Own Dining Lounge(604) 736-81801905 W BroadwayKitsilano
Dhaliwal Sweet & Restaurant(604) 325-49116555 Fraser StreetSunset
Rice ‘N Spice(604) 683-31431055 W Georgia StreetDowntown
Saffron Indian Cuisine(604) 436-50004300 KingswayMetrotown
Handi Cuisine of India(604) 738-31863618 W BroadwayKitsilano
India’s Flavour(604) 331-04112013 - 88 W Pender StreetDowntown
Mumbai Masala Restaurant(604) 984-8888333 Brooksbank Avenue
Rice ‘N Spice(604) 568-4446883 Hamilton StreetDowntown
Nirvana Restaurant(604) 872-87792313 Main StreetMount Pleasant
Best Quality Sweets & Restaurant(604) 324-66777260 Main StreetSunset
Ananda Bhavan(604) 336-56662269 KingswayKensington-Cedar Cottage
Dunbar Pizza & Grill(604) 732-49993348 Dunbar StreetDunbar-Southlands
New Novelty Restaurant & Sweets(604) 326-11116669 Fraser StSunset
Nooru Mahal(604) 873-92634354 Fraser StreetRiley Park
MeeT in Gastown(604) 696-111112 Water StreetGastown
Curry Point547 Seymour StreetDowntown
Siddhartha’s Indian Kitchen(604) 215-75562066 Commercial DriveThe Drive
Urban Tadka Royal Indian Cuisine(778) 838-55001370 E Georgia StGrandview-Woodlands
Indian Bombay Bistro(604) 553-17187558 6th Street
Mr Pan Pizza(604) 435-35553718 Canada Way
Tandoori Raj(604) 325-1301689 E 65th AvenueSunset
Main Kabab Hut(604) 322-8715215 E 49th AvenuePunjabi Market
Fraserview Tandoori House & Meat Shop(604) 324-11117271 Main StSunset
Tandoori Kona(604) 279-925911700 Cambie Road
Kalai’s Dosa Hut(604) 566-31117233 Fraser StreetSunset
Royal Nepalese Momo Palace(778) 381-897510-3490 kingswayKillarney
All India Sweets & Restaurant(604) 327-08916560 Main StreetPunjabi Market
Hideaway Eatery & Bar(604) 620-64842015 Burrard St.Kitsilano
Handi Grill(604) 738-31863618 West BroadwayKitsilano
Papa Day’s Pizza Indian Cuisine(604) 321-40506483 Knight StreetSunset
Beeryani Indian Bistro & Bar(604) 609-99991184 Denman StreetWest End
New Bhaia Sweets & Restaurant(604) 323-21005740 Fraser StreetSunset
Handi Grill(604) 738-31863618 W BroadwayKitsilano
Halima Grill(604) 984-7733Unit 18A-935 Marine Drive
Manjal South Indian Kitchen(604) 515-42307613 Edmonds Street
Al-Watan Tandoori(604) 324-63786084 Fraser StreetSunset
Tandoori King Cafe(604) 233-88681-12880 Bathgate Way
Trade Winds(604) 336-97863300 Boundary RoadRenfrew-Collingwood
Zazie(604) 255-41481859 Commercial DriveThe Drive
Govinda’s Vegetarian Buffet(604) 435-35515462 Marine Drive
Afghan Horsemen Restaurant(604) 873-59231833 Anderson StreetGranville Island/False Creek
Original Tandoori Kitchen(604) 327-89007215 Main StreetSunset
Mitra Canteen(604) 874-98203034 Main StMount Pleasant
Chakra Indian Restaurant(604) 294-86864051 Hastings StreetBurnaby Heights
Jambo Grill(604) 433-50603219 KingswayRenfrew-Collingwood
The Naam(604) 738-71512724 W 4th AvenueKitsilano
Donair Dude Granville(604) 428-66991145 Granville StreetGranville Entertainment District
Gassy Jack Indian Restaurant(604) 669-650428 Powell StGastown
Trudy Ann’s Chai(604) 544-15615081 Canada Way
Chettinad Dosa Palace(604) 879-7794514 W BroadwayFairview Slopes
Aisha Tandoori(604) 324-65146587 Main StPunjabi Market
Himalaya Restaurant(604) 608-2421555 Hastings Street WDowntown
Curry Express(604) 327-33558017 Fraser StreetSunset
Tandoori King(604) 682-52521117 Hornby StDowntown
Choice Fast Food(604) 323-17176489 Victoria DriveFraserview
La Tandoori(604) 879-3114780 Richards StreetDowntown
Medina Cafe(604) 527-9997805 Boyd Street
Naan Bites(604) 553-78667677 6th St
Cayenne Bistro & Grill(604) 522-52117561 6th Street
Beeryani Indian Bistro & Bar(604) 609-99991184 Denman StreetWest End
Desi Turka Indian Cuisine(604) 553-45117807 6th Street
Apna Bhaia Sweet Shop(604) 323-28056616 Fraser StreetSunset
Bibis Kitchen(604) 565-9898418 Terminal AveStrathcona
Zam Zam Snacks(604) 233-55554119 No 5 Rd
Smak Healthy Fast Food(778) 379-7625545 Granville StreetDowntown
Heaven & Earth India Curry House(604) 732-53131754 4th Avenue WestFairview Slopes
Agra Indian Sweets And Restaurant(604) 526-78797585 6th Street
The Delly(604) 228-81216133 University BoulevardUBC
Curry Express(604) 270-0302Located in Lansdowne CentreGolden Village
Mother India Take Out & Home Delivery Restaurant(604) 988-70002055 Old Dollarton Rd
Vegan Cave Cafe(604) 423-4211415 Abbott StreetDowntown
James Street Café & Grill(604) 676-18763819 Canada Way
UK Sweets(604) 540-1313102-1102 Ewen Avenue
Dharma Kitchen(604) 738-38993667 Broadway WestKitsilano
Daddy’s Grill(604) 207-90914020 No 5 Road
Agra Tandoori Express(604) 225-22552138 Western ParkwayUBC
Silkway Halal Cuisine(604) 278-67888188 Saba Road
Curry Kitchen(604) 231-37731235-4380 No. 3 RoadGolden Village
Addis Cafe Ethiopian Restaurant(604) 254-19292017 Commercial DriveThe Drive
Agra Tandoori House(604) 435-16007366 Market Crossing
Anatolia’s Gate Restaurant(604) 525-25197084 Kingsway
Tamam: Fine Palestinian Cuisine(604) 620-70782616 E Hastings StreetHastings-Sunrise
Lotus Seed Vegan(604) 563-3368736 W BroadwayFairview Slopes
Donair Land(604) 569-39713384 Vanness AveRenfrew-Collingwood
L R Pizza & Curry(684) 522-50007571 6th Street
Royale Banquet Hall & Catering(604) 723-48002122 KingswayKensington-Cedar Cottage
Jasmine Halal Meats & Mediterranean Produce(604) 879-55184323 Main StreetRiley Park
Sweet Cherubim(604) 253-09691105 Commercial DrGrandview-Woodlands
Aria Kabab(604) 549-09007660 Sixth Street
Nuba - Mount Pleasant(604) 568-6727146 E 3rd AvenueMount Pleasant
Beeryani Indian Bistro & Bar(604) 609-99991184 Denman StreetWest End
Heirloom Vegetarian(604) 733-22311509 W 12th AvenueSouth Granville
Zeitoon Restaurant(604) 899-07001795 Pendrell StreetWest End
Karakoram(778) 786-89086990 Victoria DriveFraserview
New Bahia Sweets(604) 323-21005740 Fraser StreetSunset
Bandidas Taqueria(604) 568-82242781 Commercial DriveKensington-Cedar Cottage
Curry Express(604) 418-91374820 KingswayMetrotown
Virtuous Pie(604) 620-0060583 Main StreetChinatown
BahirSay Restaurant(604) 629-85544942 Joyce StreetRenfrew-Collingwood
Fraser View(604) 522-90067747 6th Street
Pablas Indian Cuisine(604) 263-63638450 Angus DriveMarpole
The Parlour(604) 568-33221011 Hamilton StreetYaletown
Beijiang Restaurant(604) 428-58853281 KingswayRenfrew-Collingwood
The Buffet(604) 777-2946350 Gifford Street
Organic Villa(604) 704-6621Serving Vancouver and the Surrounding Area
Donair Delight(604) 451-01114429 KingswayMetrotown
Smak Healthy Fast Food(604) 559-76251139 W Pender StreetDowntown
Po Kong Vegetarian Restaurant(604) 876-30881334 Kingsway AvenueKensington-Cedar Cottage
The Buffet(604) 247-89358811 River Rock Road
The Buffet at Grand Villa(604) 436-22114331 Dominion Street
Jamjar - Folk Lebanese Food(604) 252-39572280 Commercial DriveThe Drive
Cazba(604) 980-7373132 W 16th StreetCentral Lonsdale
Wild Thyme(604) 276-8010705 12th Street
Freshii(778) 379-25326200 Mckay AveMetrotown
Aphrodite’s Organic Pie Shop(604) 738-58793598 W 4th AvenueKitsilano
Uncle Willy’s - Temp. CLOSED(604) 431-03996411 Nelson AvenueMetrotown
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