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05 Apr 2020

Best Indian Restaurants in Reading, NJ

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Indian Food in Reading

Craving some Indian Food in Reading? Here are the best Indian restaurants in Reading, NJ.

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The Best Indian Restaurants in Reading, NJ

Woodbridge Township, NJ(718) 524-46081201 Hylan Blvd, Grasmere
Staten Island(732) 855-150014 Marconi Ave
Indian Xpress 2(732) 499-4900124 New Jersey 27
Talk Of The Town(929) 364-01441949 Richmond Ave
India Palace(718) 477-10441405 Richmond Ave, Bullshead
Thali Bar Baar(732) 541-6900783 Roosevelt Ave
Randiwa(908) 357-2165628 N Stiles St
Khalsa Sweet House(848) 459-97291396 Oak Tree Rd
Masala Twist and Grill(732) 218-8899680 Amboy Ave
Bombay Spice(732) 549-26261700 Oak Tree Rd
Shahi Palace(201) 736-61411691 Oaktree Rd
Swagath Gourmet(732) 969-10901249 Roosevelt Ave
Royal Kathiyawadi Restaurant(732) 855-1177825 Hwy 1 S
The Halal Spot(732) 354-13631700 Oak Tree Rd
Sonu Da Dhaba(732) 218-5138271 Rt 27
Amma’s Kitchen(732) 510-07951203 Saint Georges Ave
Sri Dosa Place(732) 549-50501655-195 Oak Tree Rd
New Masala Grill Restaurant(732) 283-104342 Marconi Ave
Moghul(848) 205-26731538 Oak Tree Rd
Urban Spice(732) 243-98291625 Oak Tree Rd
Bikanervala(732) 516-00201671 Oak Tree Rd
Tabaq Restaurant & BBQ(732) 771-63641392 Oak Tree Rd
Baahubali Kitchen & Grill(732) 767-12631700 Oak Tree Rd
Bombay paratha(732) 902-22481670-C Oak Tree Rd
Pakvaan Desi Spice(732) 283-00661358 Oak Tree Rd
Papa Pancho Pizza(732) 947-30141655 Oak Tree Rd
Dimple’s Bombay Talk(848) 235-5655944 St Georges Ave
Mithaas - Edison(732) 541-770030 Minue St
King Kabab And Curry(848) 467-40921151 Woodbridge Rd
Taste of Delhi(732) 900-998030 Minue St
Woodbridge Township, NJ(718) 524-46081201 Hylan Blvd, Grasmere
Staten Island(732) 283-28801388 Oak Tree Rd
Indian Xpress 2(732) 767-0033149 Wood Ave
Shalimar Grill Restaurant(732) 283-21221192 Green St
Saravana Bhavan(732) 379-46551585 Oak Tree Rd
New Shan-E-Punjab(877) 964-72441655 Oak Tree Rd
Calcutta Wok(732) 283-90201349 Oak Tree Rd
Mirchi South Indian Homestyle(732) 283-10971396 Oak Tree Rd
Chowpatty Foods(732) 906-21211679 Oak Tree Rd
Desi Galaxy(732) 243-92131681 Oak Tree Ave, 1538 Oak Tree Rd
Jhupdi Indian Restaurant(848) 256-98241710 Oak Tree Rd
Honest(732) 709-37001199 Amboy Ave
Talli Bar And Grill(732) 744-966752 Lincoln Hwy Rte 27
Chef A Charminar(732) 541-4000801 Roosevelt Ave
Zaika BBQ & Grill(732) 516-00201671 Oak Tree Rd
Sigiri(732) 661-10701050 King Georges Post Rd
Golden Palace(732) 379-49591546 Oak Tree Rd
Karaikudi Chettinad(848) 229-22501700 Oak Tree Rd
Royal Albert’s Palace(732) 549-88171567 Oak Tree Rd
EggMania(848) 999-2497214 Worth St
Desi Galaxy Express(732) 243-97771700 Oak Tree Rd
Rasoi II Restaurant(732) 404-033177 Middlesex Ave
Angeethi(732) 548-61551734 Oak Tree Rd
Bawarchi Biryani Corner(732) 379-46951585 Oak Tree Rd
Khasiyat Fast Food(732) 499-4900124 NJ-27, 1404 Oak Tree Rd
Sher-E-Punjab(732) 549-62221670-A Oak Tree Rd
Chatkaz(732) 589-9000139 Correja Ave
India Palace(732) 661-10701050 King George Post Rd
Woodbridge Township, NJ(718) 524-46081201 Hylan Blvd, Grasmere
Staten Island(732) 494-67891677 Oak Tree Rd
Indian Xpress 2(732) 662-77881734 Oak Tree Rd
Paradise Biryani Pointe(732) 283-37991384 Oak Tree Rd
Sankalp Restaurant(732) 283-90201349 Oak Tree Rd
Quality Sweets(732) 283-09001380 Oak Tree Rd
Chowpatty Restaurant(732) 379-46791585 Oak Tree Rd
Kandahar(732) 494-63631689 Oak Tree Rd
Hyd Bawarchi Biryani(732) 548-00151734 Oak Tree Rd
Dakshin Express(848) 205-21731477 Oak Tree Rd
Khushboo Indian Restaurant(732) 379-47431585 Oak Tree Rd
The Yellow Chilli(877) 964-72441667 Oak Tree Rd
Chandni Chowk(732) 705-72261655-282 Oak Tree Rd
Mirchi Pizza & Sweets(908) 222-97991667 Oak Tree Rd
Cafe Royal Paan(732) 632-92321734 Oak Tree Rd
Rajdhani(732) 283-10971396 Oaktree Rd
Chopstick(732) 636-8881509 Avenel St
Bombay Spice I(732) 379-45601585 Oak Tree Rd
Ali Baba Express Grill(732) 319-6926825 Is 1SOUTH
Paratha Paradise(732) 855-1177825 Us1south
Sonu da dhaba(732) 283-33501335 Oak Tree Rd
Sonu da dhaba(732) 283-18581373 Oak Tree Rd
Shalimar Restaurant(732) 404-00471170 Green St
Rajbhog Sweets and Snacks(848) 228-95591396 Oak Tree Rd
Dosa Express(732) 596-72781404 Oak Tree Rd, 675 Gills Ln
Desi Dhaba(732) 329-6926825 Is 1SOUTH
Paradise Curry Pointe(732) 855-1177825 Is 1SOUTH
Dakshin Indian Cuisine(732) 742-3556(732) 549-7300, Located in Menlo Park Mall
Woodbridge Township, NJ(718) 524-46081201 Hylan Blvd, Grasmere
Staten Island(732) 321-19941700 Oak Tree Rd, Richmond Ave NE
Indian Xpress 2(718) 727-22011787 Forest Ave, Graniteville
Hot Breads(732) 321-19941730 Oak Tree Rd
Halal Cart(732) 225-4640159 Jackson Ave, 1538 Prkway Plz
Papa Halal Chicken Corporation(848) 229-22501700 Oak Tree Rd
Chasak(732) 379-46791585 Oak Tree Rd
Santram Pan(732) 634-1881387 Avenel St
Shahnawaz Banquet(732) 662-9000163 Wood Ave
Nanking(732) 404-003914 Marconi Ave
Bombay Spicy 4(848) 248-64981681 Oaktree Rd

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