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04 Apr 2020

Best Indian Restaurants in Portland, OR

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Indian Food in Portland

Craving some Indian Food in Portland? Here are the best Indian restaurants in Portland, OR.

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The Best Indian Restaurants in Portland, OR

Chaaya(503) 747-300916755 SW Baseline Rd
Maruti Indian Restaurant(503) 236-07141925 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Buckman
Choice of India Restaurant(971) 302-7625305 NW 21st, Alphabet District
Dwaraka Indian Cuisine(503) 230-11203962 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Hawthorne
Bollywood Theater(971) 200-47112039 NE Alberta St, Alberta Arts District
Silsila the Flaming Tandoor(971) 373-8641819 N Killingsworth St, Humboldt
Abhiruchi Indian Cuisine South and North(360) 260-1014233 NE Chkalov Dr
Siri Indian Cuisine(503) 208-22591323 Nw 23rd Ave, Northwest
Tiffin Asha(503) 936-76631670 NE Killingsworth St, Vernon
Bollywood Theater(503) 477-66993010 SE Division St, Clinton
Hello India(503) 232-78603500 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Hawthorne
Dil Se Indian Cuisine(503) 804-56191201 SW Jefferson St, Downtown
Bombay Chaat House(503) 241-7944804 SW 12th Ave, Downtown
Best Taste of India(971) 325-88998145 SE 82nd Ave, Brentwood - Darlington
The Sudra(971) 302-600228 NE 28th Ave, Kerns
Open Tandoor(503) 719-73474311 N Williams Ave, Humboldt
Namaste Bazaar(503) 442-384110306 NE Halsey St, Hazelwood
Masala Box(503) 305-5447150 W Arlington St
Bhuna(971) 865-2176704 NW 21st Ave, Alphabet District
Dosa Portland(408) 634-46461831 SW Pedestrian Trl, Downtown
New Taste Of India(503) 265-88066123 SW Macadam Ave, South Portland
Swagat Indian Cuisine(503) 227-43002074 NW Lovejoy St, Alphabet District
DesiPDX(503) 862-3374Serving Portland and the Surrounding Area
Namaste Fine Indian Cuisine(503) 928-57168303 NE Sandy Blvd, Northeast Portland
Sherpa Kitchen(503) 756-8599930 SE Oak St, Buckman
Gandhi Indian Restaurant(503) 219-9224710 SW 2nd Ave, Downtown
Chaaya(503) 747-300916755 SW Baseline Rd
Southern Spice Indian Kitchen(503) 523-40407115 NE Imbrie Dr
Chutneys Indian Cuisine and Spices(360) 254-72543000 SE 164th Ave
Momo House(503) 764-50285221 NE Sandy Blvd, Rose City Park
Moberi(503) 890-93331755 NW 23rd Ave, Northwest
India Grill(503) 236-17902924 E Burnside St, Kerns
Bombay Wala of India(503) 747-7786Located in Washington Square, Southwest Portland
Real Taste of India(503) 295-5564111 SW 5th Ave, Downtown
East India Co Grill & Bar(503) 227-8815821 SW 11th Ave, Downtown
India Oven(503) 872-96873450 SE Belmont St, Belmont
Bollywood Bites(503) 469-880013551 NW Cornell Rd, 7000 NE Airport Way
Maruti Express(503) 752-85921967 SW 4th Ave, Downtown
Dhaba Indian Kitchen(971) 757-56254708 NW Bethany Blvd
Dabba Indian Kitchen(503) 444-83851403 NE Weidler St, Broadway District
Namaste Indian Cuisine(503) 719-4279906 N Fremont St, Boise
The Sudra(503) 941-5976180 E Main St
Virundhu South Indian Cuisine(503) 274-10171038 SW Morrison St, Downtown
India House(360) 784-96041080 SE Madison St, Central Eastside
Taj Mahal Punjabi Cuisine(503) 531-95002088 NW Stucki Ave
Chennai Masala(503) 747-47701889 NW 188th Ave
Biryani Corner(503) 206-61482921 NE Alberta St, Alberta Arts District
DarSalam(503) 214-4858610 SE 10th Ave
Maharaja(503) 626-30004325 SW 109th Ave, Southwest Portland
Swagat Indian Cuisine(503) 477-5985413 NW 21st Ave, Alphabet District
Top Burmese(971) 371-414918033 NW Evergreen Pkwy
Hyderabad House(503) 681-3007137 SE 3rd Ave
Chaat Cafe(503) 671-043214603 SW Millikan Way
Abhiruchi Restaurant(503) 690-049916205 NW Bethany Ct
India Sweets & Spices(503) 482-565129030 SW Town Center Lp E
The Indian Kitchen(503) 224-3993925 NW Davis St, Pearl District
Prasad(503) 718-78411815 NW 169th Pl
Apna Chat Bhavan(503) 992-63634950 NE Belknap Ct
Curry & Crust(503) 893-05162 SW Naito pkwy, Southwest Portland
Moberi(503) 890-93331755 NW 23rd Ave, Northwest
Sizzling Tandoori Hut(503) 776-917712271 Melinda Ln NE
Queen of Sheba(503) 287-63022413 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Eliot
Abyssinian Kitchen(503) 894-83492625 SE 21st Ave, Hosford-Abernethy
Welcome India food(971) 716-852318631 SW Tv Hwy
Veggietyme(971) 238-8963Hillsboro, OR 97124
Blossoming Lotus(503) 228-00481713 NE 15th Ave, Irvington
Halal Meat and Mediterranean Foods(503) 816-439311535 SW Pacific Hwy, Southwest Portland
Jerusalem Cafe(360) 891-1490516 SE Chkalov Dr
E’Njoni Cafe(503) 286-1401910 N Killingsworth St, Humboldt
Swagat(503) 844-38381340 NE Orenco Station Pkwy
Tandoor Indian Kitchen - Temp. CLOSED(503) 243-7777406 SW Oak St, Downtown
Tangier Moroccan & Mediterranean Cuisine(503) 459-4441221 SW Pine St, Old Town - Chinatown
Nicholas Restaurant(503) 666-3333323 N Main Ave
Loving Hut(503) 248-67151239 SW Jefferson St, Downtown
Modern Times Belmont Fermentorium(503) 420-0799600 SE Belmont St, Central Eastside
Shalom Y’all Restaurant SE(503) 208-3661117 SE Taylor, Industrial District
Indian Moments(971) 294-68312401 NE Cornell Rd
Habibi Restaurant(503) 274-06281012 SW Morrison St, Downtown
Aviv(503) 206-62801125 SE Division St, Hosford-Abernethy
Tasty Bite Indian(503) 888-35444250 SW Rose Biggi Ave, Southwest Portland
Wolf & Bear’s(503) 453-50443925 N Mississippi Ave, Boise
Thali Supper Club(503) 754-6456912 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Central Eastside
Hanoi Kitchen(503) 252-13007925 NE Glisan St, Montavilla
Gyros Cafe(360) 953-82818004 NE Hwy 99
Sa Bai Thai Cuisine(971) 229-16914440 NE 131st Pl, Argay
Nicholas Restaurant(503) 235-5123318 SE Grand Ave, Industrial District
Aberus Ethiopian Restaurant(503) 284-6434438 NE Killingsworth St, King
Sweet Tomatoes(503) 794-292113011 SE 84th Ave
Al-Amir Restaurant(503) 274-0010223 SW Stark St, Downtown
Moberi(503) 890-93331755 NW 23rd Ave, Northwest
Papa G’s Vegan Organics(503) 235-02442314 SE Division St, Hosford-Abernethy
Khao San Pearl(503) 227-37001435 NW Flanders St, Pearl District
Kayo’s Ramen Bar(503) 477-60163808 N Williams Ave, Mississippi
Aladdin’s Cafe Restaurant(503) 546-76866310 NE 33rd Ave, Concordia
Thai Seasons(503) 432-82585824 NE Sandy Blvd, Rose City Park
Oasis(503) 590-748614845 SW Murray Scholls Dr
Veggie Grill(503) 841-6647508 SW Taylor St, Downtown
Aroma Meats(503) 629-629017960 NW Evergreen Pkwy
veggie bowl(503) 750-55591927 SW 4th Ave, Downtown
Nicholas Restaurant(503) 445-47003223 NE Broadway St, Grant Park
Makoto Japanese Buffet(360) 891-42961119 SE 163rd Pl
Ya Hala Lebanese Cuisine(503) 256-44848005 SE Stark St, Montavilla
Izzy’s Pizza & Buffet(503) 771-99193846 SE 82nd Ave, Lents
Butterfly Belly Asian Cuisine(503) 788-7327323 NW Park Ave, Pearl District
ImJai Thai(503) 477-80693801 SE Belmont St, Sunnyside
Vita Cafe(503) 335-82333023 NE Alberta St, Alberta Arts District
Bombay Pizza & Curry - Temp. CLOSED(503) 217-980516165 SW Regatta Ln
Salam Restaurant(503) 648-68361002 NE Orenco Station Pkwy
Jade Bistro Teahouse & Patisserie(503) 477-89857912 SE 13th Ave, Sellwood
Persian House Restaurant(503) 243-14301026 SW Morrison St, Downtown
The Mighty Bowl(360) 521-1982108 W 8th St
Carioca Bowls(503) 282-5613827 NE Alberta St, King
Fern Kitchen(971) 703-43982311 SE 50th Ave, Richmond
Laughing Planet(503) 224-23261720 SW 4th Ave, Downtown
Laughing Planet(503) 505-5020721 NW 9th Ave, Pearl District
Food Fight! Grocery(503) 233-39101217 SE Stark St, Buckman
Bob’s Red Mill(503) 607-64555000 SE International Way
Cafe Yumm!(503) 699-986617773 Lower Boones Ferry Rd
Gyro 2 Go(503) 520-980011409 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Southwest Portland
Cedo’s Falafel and Gyros(503) 719-73443901 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, King
Moberi(503) 890-93331755 NW 23rd Ave, Northwest
Laughing Planet(503) 467-41463765 N Mississippi Ave, Boise
Veggie Grill(503) 350-23693435 SW Cedar Hills Blvd, Southwest Portland
Chaat Cafe Gyro & Wrap(971) 762-29762401 NE Cornell Rd
Oasis Lebanese Cuisine(503) 372-65037109 NE Imbrie Dr
Laughing Planet Cafe(503) 635-302591 S State St
Laughing Planet(503) 235-64723320 SE Belmont St, Belmont
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Credit: North Loop

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