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04 Apr 2020

Best Indian Restaurants in Carmel, IN

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Indian Food in Carmel

Craving some Indian Food in Carmel? Here are the best Indian restaurants in Carmel, IN.

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The Best Indian Restaurants in Carmel, IN

Cul de Sac Kitchen(305) 923-01213827 N Mitthoefer Rd
Fresh Indian Grill(317) 853-65501420 West Main St
Amber Indian Restaurant(317) 580-082812510 N Meridian St
India Café(317) 757-62041450 W 86th St
Hyderabad House(317) 559-42218840 N Michigan Rd
Chapati(317) 405-98744930 Lafayette Rd, Lafayette Square
Biryani Hut(317) 774-531314350 Mundy Dr
Hyderabad House(317) 436-81138540 Castleton Corner Dr
Bombay Masala(317) 875-15709120 Crawfordsville Rd
India Sizzling(317) 845-550011301 Village Sq Ln
Bombay Bazaar(317) 585-91307233 Fishers Landing Dr
India Garden Restaurant(317) 253-6060830 Broad Ripple Ave, Broad Ripple
India Sizzling II(317) 297-30504150 Lafayette Rd, Lafayette Square
Shalimar Indian Restaurant(317) 465-11001043 Broad Ripple Ave, Broad Ripple
Tandoor & Tikka5320 E 82nd St
India Palace Restaurant(317) 709-78004213 Lafayette Rd
Karachi Kabab & Grill(317) 991-4153,4150 Lafayette Rd
Biryani House/ Suhel’s Kitchen4869 W 38th St, Lafayette Square
Superfood and Gyros House(317) 578-44005929 E 82nd St, 8421 Michigan Rd
Amber Indian Restaurant(317) 405-98744930 Lafayette Rd, Lafayette Square
Flavors of India(317) 986-75544873 W 38th St, Lafayette Square
Shani’s Secret Chicken(317) 578-004011321 Village Sq Ln
Al-Rayan Restaurant(317) 228-98987940 N Michigan Rd
Al Basha Restaurant & Grocery(317) 291-52824865 W 38th St, Lafayette Square
Rasoi Indian Restaurant(317) 220-81283315 E 86th St
IFM Mughal Cuisine(317) 228-11111482 W 86th St
Petra Cafe(317) 255-44006265 Carrollton Ave, Broad Ripple
The Parthenon Restaurant(317) 254-87006349 Guilford Ave, Broad Ripple
Cul de Sac Kitchen(305) 923-01213827 N Mitthoefer Rd

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