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06 Apr 2020

Best Indian Restaurants in Ann Arbor, MI

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Indian Food in Ann Arbor

Craving some Indian Food in Ann Arbor? Here are the best Indian restaurants in Ann Arbor, MI.

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The Best Indian Restaurants in Ann Arbor, MI

Madras Masala(734) 222-9006328 Maynard St, Downtown Ann Arbor
Cardamom(734) 662-28771739 Plymouth Rd
Namaste Flavours(734) 995-1545400 S Division St
Everest Sherpa Restaurant(734) 997-54902803 Oak Valley Dr
Taste of India(734) 327-6500217 S State St, Downtown Ann Arbor
Shalimar Cuisine of India(734) 663-1500307 S Main St, Downtown Ann Arbor
India Cafe(734) 622-01151143 Broadway St
Hutkay Fusion(734) 786-83123022 Packard St
Curry On(734) 418-31752711 Plymouth Rd
Earthen Jar(734) 327-9464311 S 5th Ave, Downtown Ann Arbor
Once-Upon A Grill(734) 997-52773148 Packard Rd
Dessous(734) 222-0202312 S Main St, Downtown Ann Arbor
Foods of India(734) 332-05001143 Broadway St
Seva Restaurant(734) 662-11112541 Jackson Ave
The Lunch Room(734) 224-8859407 N 5th Ave, Kerrytown Ann Arbor
Kitchen of India(734) 622-01151143 Broadway St
Foods of India(734) 622-01151143 Broadway St
The Blue Nile(734) 998-4746221 E Washington St, Downtown Ann Arbor
Wok Mandu(734) 961-739310 North Adams St, Downtown Ypsilanti
Detroit Street Filling Station(734) 224-2161300 Detroit St, Kerrytown Ann Arbor
Ayse’s Turkish Cafe(734) 662-17111703 Plymouth Rd
Vegorama Ypsi(734) 544-9707533 W Cross St
Casablanca(734) 961-78282333 Washtenaw Rd
China Palace(734) 829-09992905 Washtenaw Ave
First Bite(734) 369-4765108 S Main St, Downtown Ann Arbor
Syrian Cuisine & Exotic Bakeries(734) 665-44301721 Plymouth Rd
Juicy Kitchen(734) 585-55621506 N Maple Rd
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