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03 May 2021

Social Media Marketing Tips For Freelancers

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Earlier, the best ways for freelancers to get their names in front of potential clients were non-digital like cold calls, query letters, in-person networking etc.

But social media has shaken everything up. It has become an indispensable part of daily life, and marketing on such platforms has become essential for your freelancing career.

You can now find a new business without making nerve-wracking phone calls or leaving your house at all.

Before we look at the ways by which you can utilise social media to conquer the freelancing world, let us read some of the benefits of social media marketing -

Raise your brand’s profile -

Even as a freelancer, you need to develop a brand image and social media can put that in front of people and raise awareness.

It is an incredible channel for formulating your voice and identity that your customers can connect to and understand.

But when marketing on social media, you must remember that your brand image should be uniform across every channel you use.

In short, build a unified identity that resonates the same with people across all social media channels.

Engage with your audience -

Social media can help you immediately connect with your audience. You can use it to answer client questions, offer support, respond to feedback, as well as build relationships.

All you need to remember is to stay on top of audience engagement. The faster you respond to queries and questions, the more trust you develop with your potential clients and customers.

Keep your customers informed and updated -

Social media is also a great way to let your old and new clients know about all your latest developments. It can help them find out about all your new services and the update on the old ones.

You can share content on social channels to inform them about your new products, special promotions, and the latest news.

The benefit of social media is that it is an instantaneous channel for updating your target market. And, also allows you to gauge their engagement in real-time.

Boost your SEO -

Your social media posts can rank on Google on their own. And your social engagement can indirectly influence your SEO. That, in turn, can help drive traffic to your website.

Even though Google has stated that it does not use social media engagement as a ranking signal, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. So, do not shy away from using social channels to drive traffic to your site.

And if you create enjoyable and engaging content, popular social posts can also earn you backlinks.

Learn more about your customers -

It's difficult to quantify or comprehend the sheer volume and scope of information social media platforms can give you about their users.

While this can be a little unsettling from the ethical point of view, setting that aside, social media can offer you tremendous opportunity to learn about your customers.

It allows you to find out everything from the demographics of your audience to their engagement levels etc. You can also learn about other brands they engage with and see what kind of posts they are most likely to interact with and enjoy.

Using all these data, you can strategize your social content and create engaging posts successfully.

You can invest less and generate more revenue -

Non-paid social media content costs you nothing other than time. As per data, content marketing costs significantly less than traditional marketing but generates three times as many leads.

That shows how much revenue you can gain from very little or no investment. And if you use paid social media channels, you can also get a good indication of the number of people who click on your ads and how many of those clicks lead to conversion.

Even though finding the same for non-paid social channels and measuring ROI can be a bit trickier, it can still give you a lot of insight into your customer engagement levels.

What are the top social media marketing tips for freelancers?

Knowing that you should be on social media for fuelling your freelance business growth is one thing but doing it well is a different ball game altogether.

You got to plan your social media strategy meticulously to reach there. Here are a few tips that can get you started -

Use different strategies for different channels -

Each social media platform you interact on requires its specific strategy. That means you cannot afford to use a one-size-fits-all approach for your overall social media planning.

In other words, you cannot use the same type of content across all channels. You need to determine what works best for each platform and curate your content accordingly.

Be consistent and post often -

To set yourself apart from the rest, you need to publish posts on social media consistently, preferably every day. Consistency is vital to your success on social media, and your strategy should incorporate that.

Also, use special promotions or capitalise on trending topics early on to be heard above the noise.

Apply and test different strategies -

Try out as many different strategies as you can to find the best fit for you. Use new calls-to-action, headlines and a variety of images to test your social media strategy.

It can ensure that you get the engagement that you want. Along with various types of content, try out different mediums such as video etc. Most importantly, do not forget to measure everything.

That is the most crucial part as it can help you see what is most effective with your audience.

Take inspiration from others wherever needed -

Never stop looking at other brands to see how they are engaging on social media, even if they do not belong to the same industry as you.

Avoid copying them blatantly because originality is equally critical, but try and take inspiration from their content that is doing well. You can also take out time to consider what it is about their posts that keep you engaged.

It can help you identify the areas that you may have overlooked in your posts that can improve the quality of your content.

Engage your audience -

As we have mentioned before, engagement with your audience is vital. If you interact regularly, chances are they will remember you and even refer you to new clients.

Ultimately, your social media strategy hinges on how active you are on the platforms and how you interact with your customers.

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