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27 Apr 2021

7 Reasons Why North Loop Payment Gateway Is Right For Your Business and Customers

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North Loop is a digital banking and payment platform that allows you to accept, process and disburse payments via our product suite. As a business, you can use North Loop to access all payment modes like credit and debit cards, UPI, and popular mobile wallets. We are devoted to giving you the best payments infrastructure in place. North Loop Payment Gateway Features

How do you understand if the North Loop is the best fit for you? Read on to find out.

1.If you want to add payments to your website or app with a seamless checkout experience

Our payment gateway is a system designed to handle end-to-end payments. It supports the most extensive payment modes ranging from domestic and international credit/debit cards to UPI, mobile wallets etc.

2.If you need a wide range of payment solutions and services to support your versatile business

If you wish to reduce periodic collection costs, increase monthly recurring revenue and offer a better user experience, you should move to a subscription model.

With North Loop, you can offer your customer plans with automated recurring transactions on many payment modes. It also supports multiple billing models. That means you can automate your fixed price recurring charges to your customer around a fixed schedule. It also gives you the flexibility to charge your customers based on the number of users or quantity per billing cycle.

3.If you want to create GST-compliant invoices

If you sign up with North Loop, you can use your dashboard to create GST invoices by adding new clients. You can choose the due date of your invoice and select your place of supply. You can also automate your payment schedule, send reminders and disburse payouts using our platform.

4.If you want to improve your business's cash management

Cash management involves a variety of things. With North Loop, you can stay on top of your cash management game by handling your accounts receivables. Our platform allows you to send quick invoices, accept more payment options and generate automatic income statements. You can also use our accounting software to ensure that your projections and cash flow management are accurate.

5.If you want to manage and track money movements to vendors, customers, employees etc.

Unlike traditional payments and disbursals, we at North Loop simplify, accelerate and supercharge every aspect of your financial operations. You can sign up with us to accept payments, manage cash flows and reconcile transactions and flexible payouts.

It can save your time and also provide a superior customer experience. Our unified platform also helps you make, control, track, and analyse all forms of money movement from your dashboard.

6.If you want to open up new revenue streams by expanding your business on a global scale

North Loop allows international payments that open an entirely new channel of acquisition and growth for your business. You can give your business the most updated payments infrastructure by signing up with us. By using our multi-currency accounts you can get payments from countries directly into your Indian business bank account.

You can also integrate the payment gateway in minutes or give your international customers' subscription plans with automated recurring transactions. Our payment links are also easily shareable in text messages, emails and SMS to create channels for instant receipt of international payments.

7.If you want reliable security and fraud prevention protocols for your business

We provide robust security so that no sensitive information falls into the wrong hands. Our Payment Compliance policies are mandated and registered by the PCI or Payment Card Industry to ensure that every transaction is safe and no data gets lost.

Takeaway -

We understand that the most indispensable quality of a payments solution is the ability to scale itself to meet growing demands. And that is why we keep striving to provide you with the best features and products which can streamline your business payment and banking processes.

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