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18 Dec 2020

5 Steps on How to Start Freelancing in 2020

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Introduction -

Freelancing has become a mainstream activity with many people joining the bandwagon to use their skills as a freelancer.

Some of the pre-requisites of freelancing include passion, dedication and skill, but there are several other aspects to it. In this article, we shall discuss some of the ways by which you can begin freelancing work effortlessly -

Step 1 -

Find your niche and service - This is the most crucial step that you have to take before you embark on the journey of freelancing. To accomplish this first step, you must begin by introspecting your knowledge and interests. You should start analysing your professional expertise and move on to your hobbies, interests and other activities that you do in your free time and which genuinely excite you.

Like many people say, to be successful in anything that you do, it is the combination of both skill and passion that comes into play. Therefore, you must choose a niche accordingly.

Once you’ve done that, you should validate the market for the activity that you intend to carry out. You can use the services of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. for doing market research, and to understand the need or requirement of the services that you will offer. If you do find similar services offered on these platforms, you can be sure that there is a market to validate your idea.
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Step 2 -

Get Expertise in Your Work Area - If you are looking to freelance for the long run, you have to become invaluable in your niche. It is crucial to understand that there is already a lot of competition in every possible field and therefore, to attain high-value clients, you have to become an expert in your niche.

If you do not have enough expertise, your time in the freelancing world can become short-lived. Once you master the services that you offer, you can even take your freelancing work to the next level by taking multiple projects and at better pricing and more flexibility.

Step 3 -

Be Clear of What You Can Deliver - A common mistake most freelancers make is to not give a real picture to the clients about the amount of time it will take to complete a project. While it may seem like a tempting idea to grab the attention of clients or make them temporarily happy, but if you fail to complete the work in the stipulated time that you have promised, your reputation gets damaged.

Similarly, being abstract in stating the things that you will deliver may not always work in your favour as it can lead to disappointments for your clients if you underperform or fail to provide what they had expected.

Therefore, it is necessary to be clear about your deliverables and give concrete details about your service. You should also try and ensure that the output is measurable to avoid any future confusion for both you and your client.

Step 4 -

Identify Your Target Client - Identifying your target clients is also an essential step as it can help you get better results and define your target market. You can do this by various methods like checking online forums and communities, interacting with people on online groups as well as attending networking events. Taking time to think about your ideal client can also help you in serving them better and to grow your freelance business.

Step 5 -

Choose a Platform to Get Your First Client - There are several online freelancing platforms in the market, and you can choose any based on your skills and the type of activity that you plan to undertake. Some of the most popular freelancing platforms for online digital work include Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, Guru etc. where you can obtain project work for various skills like content creation, SEO, graphic designing etc.

Conclusion -

With flexible work culture and remote working becoming more and more popular, freelancing has become a mainstream activity for many professionals around the globe. The fact that it provides an opportunity for many to learn and sharpen their skills, along with becoming a source of income and financial support makes it a popular choice for many people.

However, before you begin freelancing, you must choose your niche and carry out thorough market research, to save yourself from a lot of trouble down the road. After following the steps mentioned above, you can comfortably move ahead and dedicate your time to other areas like how to find new clients, learning how to price your services etc.

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